Over the past year, I was made aware of a new “revival” in Lakeland, Florida. After much researching, I was able to find many like myself who are finally after many years of putting up with some of the charismatic nonsense, coming out and boldly speaking out against the false teachers that have dominated the church for the past few decades. This site is dedicated to all who want truth at any cost. All are welcome here. But, I will not sugar-coat anything here. I will not give a cotton candy gospel here. I will not walk on eggshells with you. If you do not have a desire for truth you will not like this site and I suggest you find other ways to preoccupy your time.

I will speak the truth in regard to no man, teacher or preacher within the body of Christ who do not speak the truth. That does not mean that all their ducks have to line up with mine. It just means that there will be no lies taught or preached here. Darkness will be exposed here. Deceptions at the last hour will not be tolerated here.

False teachers, false preachers and false pastors do not teach the truth. The truth is the cross upon which Jesus died upon. But they deny this truth when they either add to or take away from the Word of God. Their teachings are an abomination to the truth. They deceive you.

Jesus died for the sins of the world and for my sins. There is no other way to God except through the finished work of the cross. He was, and is God in the flesh come to earth to save mankind from everlasting judgment in a place that is called hell. He rose on the third day, ascended to the right hand of God and is coming back to judge individuals, the nations and the whore who calls herself the Bride of Christ.

No man ever was beaten and spat upon for me, no man ever died upon a cross for me, no man ever rose from the dead for me so that I may have eternal life in heaven. No man, but Jesus. My allegiance is to Him and Him only.

He is the Son of God, yet God Himself. He is the Holy Spirit. These three are One. Don’t ask me to explain it or prove it. It is a mystery. I believe in the gifts of the Spirit for today. But, not all that is being done in the name of Jesus, are the gifts of God. Let alone by or through His Spirit.

My faith is not in some watered down version that is being taught these days. It is one of much searching, much studying and much trusting in the Lord over many years. The past few months I have had to go back and unlearn a few things I have been taught. Taking things off the shelf, that had been placed there for the sake of peace within the body.

Some may not like this site. They may even hate it. They may even accuse me of being divisive, rebellious, unteachable, religious and even guilty of having a Jezebel spirit. That would be nothing new to me and your accusations mean nothing to me. I am not here to pamper your idols. I would say unto you, why are YOU not testing things? Are you afraid something you have believed in may come tumbling to the ground? Then so be it. It is better that your idols would come crashing down than to lose your soul following heretics and apostates. I would ask you, are you more concerned about what man thinks of you, rather than God? For shame! No man died for you and no man ever will! Even if so, he would never raise from the dead for you! Let alone be able to pay the penalty for your sin!

Recently I had a short conversation with someone who believes in the false movement. I began telling them the things I was finding out about the false revival. I thought for sure they would at least be interested. But instead I got a slight rebuke. This person said, “I don’t have time to go online and look up all that stuff.” Meaning the many video clips of the heretics at work. My thought on that is then why do you judge me for being the Berean? If you don’t have time then why o why do you not find the time to judge through the Word of God? That is even better.

What really amazes me with people like this, is they say people like me are being judgemental. Yet they have the audacity to judge us. What a double standard! They get to do all the judging but when another wants to look at something, study it, test it and see if something lines up with the Word, we are considered to be judging. You’re darn right, there are those of us that are judging things! We are the ones that are sick and tired of lies being spouted in the name of Jesus. We are disgusted of a different gospel being preached. We are aware of the tactics of the enemy! We SEE the blatent witchcraft going on within the body of Christ and we aim to expose it! We are sickened by this new”Jesus” that is being raised up for us to worship! You’re darn right we are judging. And guess what? There are some of us who will NOT bow the knee to this new Jesus. God forbid!

These are the same ones who will say, “But it’s not love to speak against the brethren.” To that I would say, is it love to let your neighbor walk in darkness? Are you a shepherd amonsgt Gods’ people or are you a hireing? It is to your own lack of courage and convictions and the man-pleaser that you are that you will not speak the truth!

Some of you may even be thinking this very moment, her words are harsh. I don’t feel any love from her. She sounds mad. I say to you, I will not apologise for my beliefs. I am angry. I am angry that the church has sat back and let every wind of doctrine in, in such a way that the Bride of Christ no longer knows how to test anything! And in so doing she has become a whore laying down with every lie and false lover! If you call yourself a christian, then you too have the responsibilty to test all things. If you choose not to, then do not be angry with me for telling my findings.

I will not be drawn into debates about false teachings and doctrines here. Unless you are truly seeking Him yourself or He is drawing you near to Him, you may not be able to understand these messages God has laid upon my heart, or other comments that may be put here by other discerning Christians. If you come with a heart that truly desires truth in the inward parts, then you are very much welcome here. If not, then you may find this place uncomfortable. If so, I would ask you to search your heart and ask yourself “why?” Could it be that Almighty God is dealing with you? Could it be that you have been hanging on to teachings of men and something is telling you to let it go? I don’t ask that you hang onto my every word. As stated, you have the same great responsibility to test all things, such as I. You are to test by the Word of God. Nothing more and nothing less.

I am not infallible. There is only One who is. His name is Jesus. His name is the name above all names. One day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. I will strive to proclaim the truth to the best of my abilities, through Him who gives wisdom to all that ask. You ask for it, also. Together, may we come to the sacred and unadulterated truth.

There will be no sacred cows here. If you do not want your idols touched, then do not come here. You may keep your delusions but as for me, I do not want them. I desire to see the yokes come off of many that were thrown upon them by false teachers and doctrines.

I long to see the true remnant of Christ to come together. I desire true fellowship with those who are not following every wind of doctrine. I long to see Christians searching the scriptures and being Bereans as we were told to do. I desire that those who are new to the faith to find this a friendly place, one where they will feel loved and be able to get their questions answered truthfully either through myself or others more knowledgeable than myself.

Though some of us may be separated by many miles, it is His Holy Spirit that has made us one and draws us together. I thank God for this. For the “church” is not something that meets behind four walls once a week. If you do have a church and are a part of it, I would advise you not to let this site or any other to take its’ place. However, if you are one of many that have become disillusioned by the deceptions going on, then please feel free to make this a type of home for now.

Therefore comfort each other and edify one another.

May it be a place of refreshing. May it be a place of deep calling out to deep. May it be a place of exhortation. May it be a place where we all can take our brains off the back burner and begin testing ALL things. May it be a blessing to all as we strive together to find the truth during the Great Falling Away that is taking place. May this be a place where truth is exalted and every high thing that exalts itself above God be cast down. Most importantly, may it be pleasing in His sight.

Redeemed Hippie

Do not despise prophecies.Test all things; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil. 1 Thessalonians 5:20-