This is Tod Bentley and his wannabee followers. And I ask, is THIS is the Holy Spirit at work? Rather it appears to be a bunch of ruffians who want to imitate and intimidate. TB grabs a woman walking by and slings her. Why would a man of God do this? Looked to me like the woman was just walking by minding her own buisness and he decides to impart something to her. Then he grabs his head for some reason. Could it be he is just plain tired of having to put on a show? But, one of his TBs’ wannabbes makes sure he stays with the program and grabs hold of TB and points him to another one to bully.

Then the young TB wannabee is kicking a woman on the floor. What on earth could this represent? Nothing but bullying! Whether she was hurt or not is beside the point. There is a spirit at work here. And it is one that does not reguard women. It is one that exploits weakness. I say it again; it is one of a BULLY!

Would anyone want their daughters to be treated in such a way? Would they even be so blind and ignorant to think this would be ok for their daughters to put up with? Apparently so. As I adressed this with someone early into the movement. They had no answer for me. Yet, if one of their girls were ever treated like this by a huband or boyfriend they would be outraged. Yet, it is ok for a man of God to do this?! Amazing to me that some would chose a bullying man over their own daughters! I tell ya what, anyone ever grab me in such a way will get a good punch in the mouth! Man of God or not!

So for all of you Tod Bentley wannabees? Here’s how to do it. Just grab a woman and sling her to the ground, kick her a few times and you too can be called annointed and called of God!