False prophecy by Julie Meyer concerning our past election. She can say the words, “I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe” until she is blue in the face, but it does not make her prophecy true. This woman is a false prophet.

She more or less says that the Republicans were going to win.

She can say the words, “I had a dream. I had a dream. I saw it in a dream” all she wants, but she is still a false prophet.

She says the Lord told her this election would not be bought.

Obama spent more money than any other candidate. He bought many people off. This woman lies.

“If you will pray, I will put my Deborah in place…”

“It’s about number two. And I had an encounter of the Lord and He said, if you will pray I will set my Deborah in place.” Meaning Sarah Palin. This woman is false.

“The election of 2008 will not be won with popularity.”

She lies.

“It’s not about history or change.”

She lies. This election made history and there IS a change coming.

She has the same body language and mesmerizing influence that all those have who are trying to manipulate others to believe what they are saying. She reminds me of Squeaky Fromme, a Charles Manson follower, with her excitement and delusions. Perhaps it is some kind of spirit. Either way, this woman was not speaking the oracles of God.

“What God wants to do in America… that Gods’ purpose will be birthed in America.”

I have to say that I believe Gods’ purpose for our country is clear now. Judgment is at the gates for an ungodly nation. Will these false prophets and teachers EVER speak the truth? They have helped bring His judgment upon us.

And the sheeple continue to follow and believe these people as if they are some great ones in our midst.

No wonder liberals want us to shut up. Even I can not stand this! I could vomit!