This really ought to open up the eyes of the followers of the occult movement within the church. But no doubt, it still will not be enough! As they just love anything and everything that will not point them to godliness or repentance! They keep going back to their anointed ones to be taught heresy after heresy.

For it would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness,
than having known it, to turn from
the holy commandment delievered to them.
But it has happened to them according to the true proverb:
A dog returns to his own vomit,
and a sow, having washed, to her wallowing in the mire.
-2 PETER 2: 21,22-

This is nothing more than a pagan-new-age-bewitched style of worship that has infiltrated the church!

TRANSCRIPT for those of you who may find it hard to listen to this hellish and abominable racket: The speaker says, “The earth will echo the sounds of the heavens. And something will be released in the heavenly realm.” I say to that, yep, something will be released alright. But not what you think!

“Let’s begin with the sounds of the sun.” NOTICE his eyes right at when he says that! Pause it at 34 or 34 or 35. You can not miss it! Looks like something out of a Stephen King movie. I kid you not!

“Every star has it’s own song.” I suppose that may be true. As the Word does teach that everything that has breath will praise God. But does a planet have breath? Besides, what is the point? I don’t think God wants me spending time worshipping with the suns and planets. Is not God more concerned about his truth being taught rather than desiring man to make up their own gospel!

“Let’s listen to another one. Let that penetrate your spirit.” Yeah, foolish ones, LET it penetrate your spirits. Let it go right to the very core of your being! Embrace the delusion even more so! Rather RUN, FLEE from the wrath to come!

“Do you feel your spirit resonating with the praise of the stars?” All I feel is a terrible and awesome judgment coming. Do you not feel that!

“My favorite is Saturn.” He would chose one of the creepiest.

“Let that stir your spirit and let your spirit respond.” WHERE is that in the Word of God? SOMEONE please tell me. Because it just ain’t in my Bible. Let’s think about what that means.

“Give an answering blast of praise. Shofars join in.” It’s a blast alright. Reminds me in the book of Daniel when Nebuchadnezzar made a decree that at the sound of music, everyone had to worship an image he CREATED. (This will be explained further in Part 2)

That is coming, church! Do not think it is not. These false ones are helping to usher in their “Jesus.” But it is not the real Jesus. We must chose NOW Who we will serve!

Then a horrible sound begins as they all play their instruments in one unholy accord.
Such grating sounds and noise. How can God Almighty be in this chaos! He isn’t!

“It’s the sound of heaven invading the earth.” Sounds more like the sounds of hell!

“The gates of the heavens are open. So, let’s declare the gates of the heaven are open. Lord we declare that a gate has been opened…” These people actually think they have the power to do what???

“…for the angelic hosts to be released in a new level, in a new measure, in a new anointing of God has fallen.” IF they have opened up anything, all they have done is invite DEMONS down in their midst!

“And God wants you to know as you leave this place that there are allies from the heavenly realms, there’s the power of God released to you.” Uh uh. Demons. And they are going home with you right after the meeting.

I for one, will not be fellowshipping or worshipping with the planets or with these particular hosts of heaven.