No doubt witches and occultists have invaded the church! They are wanting to take over and they are getting by with it as long as the remnant does not speak out. These false ones are forming in ranks to bring something far more wicked than we have ever seen in this lifetime or could imagine. Their wicked agenda is to spread this delusion. If you thought Part one was bad, then prepare yourself for this. I have great reason to believe that this is nothing more than worshipping with Lucifer. And I believe I can prove it. Whenever you read the words such as ‘sound’ or ‘song,’ know it is Lucifer. He was in charge of music before he was cast out of heaven. What greater way for him to glorify himself than what he is best at. Music and sound!

Nebuchadnezzar the king made an image of gold…
that at the time you hear the sound
of the horn, flute, harp, lyre, and psaltery,
in symphony with all kinds of music,
you shall fall down and worship the gold image…
-DANIEL 3:1-6-

WAKE UP Bride of Christ! WAKE UP lest you fall on your knees and worship an image made by man!

TRANSCRIPT: Chuck Pierce, “Some of you feel your body moving. Let it move with the sound (Lucifer) of heaven. Some of your organs will come alive in a new way.” Satan is a Liar!
Someone begins singing these words, “The sounds of heaven…” This is the same spirit of Jim Morrison! Anyone familiar with the Doors should be able to pick up on it.

Chuck Pierce: “I see highways forming. Ways are being made for my people (the devils’ people)… The waves of sound are creating the way you will go in the season ahead.”

Singing, “The sound creates a highway.” This is Lucifer they bear witness to! Whether they know it or not, I don’t know.




Lets’ look at the Word of God:
Trust in the Lord with all of your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
and He shall direct your paths.

Who creates the highway or path? God, He creates your path. Not this sound or any form of music. These heretics are liars and manipulators of the Word. The truth is not in them!

Chuck Pierce: “I see strands of DNA being reprogrammed by the sound of heaven going into bodies like laser of healings.” This is Lucifer proclaiming himself! Since when did Jesus ever heal anyone with some kind of sound!? All He had to do was touch them.

Chuck Pierce: “God says a healing movement is beginning.” This is a lie from the sound. “It is part of my dominion.” Whose dominion? If this is not God speaking, (and it is not) then who is speaking? Lucifer!

Chuck Pierce: “I see (says Satan) the earth that has been so filled with iniquity. (and my time is short, says Satan)

Chuck Pierce: “I see him (Lucifer) rising up and saying ‘I hear the sound of heaven. I see the sound of heaven realigning man to bring forth the PLAN of the land.” The plan is for the whole earth to worship Lucifer!

The real plan has already been done. It was Jesus. He was and is the plan for man. Jesus said, “It is finished.” Chuck Pierce, you tell lies in the name of the Lord! You are a heretic and false prophet!

Chuck Pierce: “Give a shout unto heaven”

The shout and music is heathenistic (is that even a word? It is now.) Noise and dancing. Woman sings, “join in the song of the ages.” Yeah, worship Lucifer all together!

A woman comes up to the stage and begins speaking: “Through the sound it is being released.”
She continues, “Even through your cellular structure within our bodies. Many of you will go back to the doctors and days ahead there will be a confirmation that signs and wonders and miracles will follow this manifestation of the spirit of god.” What god? LUCIFER! For the One True God is no where in this! So woman, you bear witness to another god!

She continues with her lies: “But even now cancer cells are being changed. The very structures, cellular, put your hand upon your body right now. (She begins to scream like a banshee) and the power of almighty god, the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead NOW! NOW! (NOTICE her eyes!) releases the sound that vibration… moving through our bodies (meanwhile a woman in a colorful dress is dancing with movements that appear to be casting a spell, throwing something to the speaker. I kid you not!) every cell structure is changing and he (Lucifer) will bring confirmation to you. (Yes, Lucifer will help you to continue to love a lie!) Go check it out and see what the Lord has done! (Unfortunately there will still be the sick, the infirmed, and the oppressed. Maybe even more so. And even so, IF by chance one were to get healed? Who or what would be the god they would trust in from here on out? For God is not in this!)

She screams again like some freaked out banshee, “This is the beginning! It has begun! It has begun! It has begun!” She is right. Something has begun. It sounds to me like some kind of occult battle cry. They are advancing in ranks while the church sleeps! While the shepherds let the wolves in! While those who want peace and love for the sake at any cost, keep their mouths shut, not daring to question or speak out against such atrocities. WAKE UP CHURCH! WHERE IS YOUR COURAGE! SHOW SOME GUTS!

She lays her hand on Chuck Pierces’ head. The screaming starts. And the people embrace it all! Every bit of it! It is a scene that would remind anyone with any discernment of Moses coming down from the mountain and seeing the people worshipping the golden calf! The confusion, noise and music remind me of a an L.S.D. trip!

Vince from another site (EndTimePropheticWord) said it all very well, “This is unbelievable! The only way to explain this is they start out playing noises the planets and the sun make which are eerie enough in itself, then they blow their shofars in reply, then the band starts joining in with repetitive brainwashing (SINGING). Truly this is demonic! I really cant do this justice. Redeemed, I’m going to guess that before you became a Christian , you probably took acid, (I DID). When you do this you enter into the demonic realm, I know, it is spooky and eerie!! This whole audio reminds me of doing acid and going to rock concerts both of which have a heavy demonic presence! This reminds me of what it was like to combine the two!!! I am 100% reading you on Jim Morrison, this is getting worse and worse all the time! They will have no problem brainwashing people at this rate!! I’m in utter amazement!! No JESUS, NO HIM CRUCIFIED, NO REPENTANCE!!! Also peculiar to note the comment about body organs! THIS IS STRAIGHT OUT OF THE PITS OF HELL!!! When I hear something like this it becomes plainly obvious how deep the deception. GOD HELP US!!!!!!!”

I concur with Vince one hundred percent.

If this is the sound of heaven (which it is not) then I don’t want to go there. Who in their right mind would want to spend eternity listening to this grating-harsh-hellish-horrendous abomination!? These sounds and music are from hell! Lucifer orchestrates this type of symphony of praise!

Kate from the same site also said it well, “What we’re seeing here is an orgy – an orgy of self. Self promotion, self righteousness, self importance, self glorification ….. etc. Christ is not being glorified, our God is not in this. In the garden of Eden when man disobeyed God he changed Satan from a created being into a god to be obeyed above the great “I AM”. This is the god they are talking about, his demons are the angels they are talking about. They may use religious, spiritual language but their words are double speak.”

I speak this to the deceivers: You liars, manipulators and apostates have made your battle cry known. Now hear this one! We will NOT bow to this Jesus you are creating! You are liars, heretics and false prophets and we will have nothing to do with any of you!

But the wicked shall do wickedly;
and none of the wicked shall understand,
but the wise shall understand.
-DANIEL 12:10-