The reason I am sharing this is because I believe there are others who have recieved similar dreams. Dreams may or may not be from the Lord. We must test all things. I say this dream is about Tod Bently because I knew nothing of the man before this dream. After researching him and others in this movement, I have come to the conclusion it is nothing but one big occultic sham.

The dream I had about two weeks before I heard anything about Tod Bentley:

A friend (the friend who prayed for my salvation and deliverance out of the occult in 1976) and I were in a big house of some kind. We were in one room with lots other people. The atmosphere was like one big huge mardis gras. People were even dressed in costumes of some kind.

Someone from my past was there. In real life this person drove me crazy because she talked ALL the time. She struck me as simple minded. In the dream, her face was painted part purple and part white face. Her hair was all punked out with some goofy ribbon in it. I found her more interesting in the dream than in real life. Yet, she made me uncomfortable.

My good friend and I were sitting in these old antique chairs up against the wall. We were watching some kind of production together along with others. The production was capturing us. Especially me. I couldn’t take my eyes away from it, especially because of the music. There were costumes and lights and colors. Really beautiful and the music and singing were just awesome. As we were watching it, something dawned on me that all of us watching were actually being cursed. A spell was being put upon us all.

A cloud like thing came down on stage and the performers went up into it. Like it was suppose to be heaven. I turned to my left where my friend was sitting. I was getting ready to tell her, “RUN! We are being deceived!” But my movements were really really slow and all of a sudden I got weak and fell out of my chair. The antique chair had these strange arm rails on it and they stuck to my rear. I was so embarrassed that the chair was stuck to me. I could not speak or move. I hit the floor and fell on my face with the chair gripping my rear end. I was flat on my face. I could not move, see or speak. Yet, I could hear everything around me.

I had a seizure of some kind. I could only think, “Where is my friend? She can help me. Please wherever you are, help me!!!!” It was awful. The powerlessness of not being able to help myself, and the loneliness of no one coming to my rescue.

Then I could hear and sense movement around me and thinking it was my friend, felt a sense of relief. But it wasn’t her. I heard a women’s voice saying soothing things. But it made my condition worse. I started to die at that point like the life was being drained out of me. I was so afraid. All that was being left was my lifeless body on the floor. But God somehow intervened.

Flat on my face, I began to be able to move ever so slightly. My arms came out slowly to my side and over my head in front of me. As they began to move, I began to speak these words out loud. My voice was very slow and weak. I even wondered if I was speaking them as I felt so near death. The words were, “Jesus is Lord. Jesus is King. Jesus has the power over everything.” After moving my hands, they went back down to my side and I repeated the gestures and the words. Each time got a little stronger than the last. I did it a number of times until I finally could raise up and see who was trying to “help” me.

It was a woman. She had a look of shock on her face. She did not know whether to run from me or stay. I stood up and looked her right in the eyes and said, “You tried to put a curse on me.” I was angry but not out of control. She was about 6 inches taller than I. She was both mad and afraid. She didn’t deny what she had done. I was very bold to have been so weak seconds before. I told her, “Jesus is the Lord of Lords. Jesus is the King of Kings. Jesus has the power over everything.” She began to shrink back and she began to get shorter! She says, “Yeah, sometimes Jesus will deliver you.” She said it as if she had to admit it. Not afraid anymore, I got up in her face and said, “Jesus ALWAYS delivers.”

At the point something told me she was a witch. And I kind of felt sorry for her. I guess it was more of a compassion thing but still indignant that she would do such a thing to me. I took her by the hands and held them like we were little kids playing. I began to spin around dancing singing, “Jesus is the king! Jesus is the Lord. Do you know my Jesus has power over everything?” I kept doing it. Something in me wanted her freed from her witchcraft.

She tried to let go at first, struggling against me. But near the end of the dream she was not trying to get away from me. Yet, she still had not resigned herself in wanting to believe that Jesus was as great as I was saying.

OK, that was the dream. I can not say for sure what the ending means. Other than I was set free from the deception that was in the dream. I see clearly all through the dream all too much that reminds me of this heretic movement– Cloud, production, colors, theatrics, something that is suppose to be heaven. I had to ask the Lord what the individuals in the dream meant. I am open to anything different. But I believe He showed me this:

The good friend: She is my first sister in the Lord. It represents a child-like innocence in the Lord. Unseasoned and unlearned. It is the unlearned following this movement. Though some are quite seasoned, which asounds me!

Why my friend and I were not caught up in it: The two of us today test all things. We do not follow men. We search the scriptures.

The goofy woman with punked out hair: She is someone who I have thought of as kind of simple minded. In the dream, she was following the movement and was even dressed for the occassion.
The simple are following this movement.

The witch: Pretty obvious, don’t you think?

Please know this about me. I do not seek signs and wonders, dreams or visions. And it is the Word of God that I give preeminence. Not experiences. Yet, I find this dream and the timing of it very odd. About two weeks later, a friend who has been so caught up in the latest charasmatic movement called me. We have not had much in common for the past few years due to her cult beliefs. (And people, this “revival” has cult and occult all over it. TEST ALL THINGS. EVEN ME. I am not so arrogant that I can not be tested in anything. But I will NOT bow down to heresy.)

When this person called me to tell me about the “latest revival” I kind of went, “Uh huh. Is there preaching of the cross? She said yes. I asked is there preaching of repentence?” She told me yes. I still was not convinced. I asked if the people were acting foolish, barking like dogs, clucking like chickens, laughing, etc. She told me no.

At one point she said something about my pastor needed to get an impartation. Something inside of me went, “WHAT???? What the heck is that? That is a new one to me. Sounds like the occult to me.” I told her I would check this “revival” out. She made it clear to me on how to do it, “Make sure you go to God TV.” I told her whatever, knowing full well I would just go online and do a search “Tod Bentley Heretic.” Works everytime! That way, I don’t have to go to their Ministries right off the bat and read their crud, searching for days and weeks, deciphering the lies they teach. Oh Yeah, I’m one of them no good rotten heresy hunters. Shucks, what can I say.

YouTube is good for that too. Just do a search with the person you are interested in with the word “Heretic” and it cuts through the garbage real fast. No more of having to buy their books, CDs and latest teachings to see where they stand! Now isn’t that so much easier? But STILL, test ALL things!

I went online to check out this latest “revival.” What I saw and see absoultely makes me sick. I was in the occult in the 70s and this movement is OCCULT in all its’ ways. I tried reasoning with my friend via email, but she will not listen to a word I say. I have asked her repeatedly to TEST ALL THINGS. GO SEARCH THE ROOTS OUT. But she will not.

I did thank her for telling me about the “revival.” I told her it has caused me to run to My Jesus and the Word of God greater than anything ever has. I dare not let man, demons or the latest teachings move me away from the truth.

Since my searching the roots out to this abomnible thing, I have been attacked demonically in some very strange ways. My good friend who was in the dream and my pastors’ wife told me they believe it is because I am testing all things and that I am so outspoken about the enemy. I will not shut up.

Bride of Christ, we are in the Great Falling Away and how I thank God there are others like myself who will not compromise the truth. Be bold and be strong and stand for the truth no matter the cost. TEST ALL THINGS and be silent no more!