The spirit of anti-Christ was at work in Tod Bentley’s commissioning over the past year. I found it very interesting that they gave him a ring. WHAT is that about? A marriage? Some kind of “divine” joining? And to what, I would ask? It is obvious it is as much symbolism as it is substance. Do not think these people do anything without it meaning something to them in their own little elitest group.

Che Ahn tells us all that it is “representing the network of apostles coming together, the body of Christ is coming together in love and unity.”

To which I would say, yeah, think so? You people have done nothing but try and discredit anyone who has spoken out against this apostate movement from the very beginning. You do it by calling us “religious, unteachable, unsubmissive,  Jezebelle, devisive,” etc. You make war with the true Saints of God through your lies and with your delusions, and you answer to no one but one another. And that is done with such hypocrisy and elitism. You dare not question one another.  Tell me WHY whould I bow down to your teachings!? You need to repent, you who hate truth!

Thank God Tod Bently fell from within the ranks of heresy! I wonder if they called off the marriage and asked for their ring back?