I have a few things against you, because you suffered that woman Jezebel, which calls herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed to idols. And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. Behold I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. Revelation 2:20-22 (Video below)

Somebody should make this woman sit down. This is a real example of Jezebel at work within the church. All those men on that stage with her and not one had the guts to make her sit down. Or better yet, call her out as a false prophetess. But they do not because it is people like I who are being called the Jezebel. What hypocrisy in this movement! What lying abominable apostates they all are!

I would ask when you read her words below, that if you look upon her words as not coming from God, then from who? It can either be of herself or the enemy. I say the devil makes himself known very well through this woman. Listen carefully to what she says.

A transcript of her words: “And the spirit came on me and said, “Tod because you have asked like very few men on the face of the earth have asked, to see my glory I will begin a revival through you.”

I would have to ask, “Ok Tod, what exactly did you ask? Was it about you and having power? Or was it truly about lives being changed through the Spirit and the Word of God? We already know that was not the case because of the many abominations you brought all through this “revival.”

“That will pass beyond gifts into the very heart that moves god. To release gifts to his children.”

What about repentance? What about changed lives? What about holiness?

“And Jesus filled with compassion healed the sick and Jesus filled with forgiveness said he who is without sin cast the first stone. And Jesus filled with justice and truth threw over tables and took out whips and cleansed the temple of God.”

Yes, Jesus did those things and Satan was there to see it happen. This is a subtle mockery.

It is also a very subtle warning from the enemy not to judge their deeds.

“And Tod I have chosen you because of your background. Because of your background, because of your background. To release my nature when you release my gifts.”

This is it, church. This is the very mouth of Satan speaking through this woman. As those with any discernment from the beginning knew this was not of the One True God, then who is speaking? Satan.
I would paraphrase it as such: Satan says, “Tod, because of your back ground in the occult, because you have not repented, because you love lies greater than the truth, because you desire to be great an not follow the One True God, I have chosen you to release my lying perverse nature; lying signs and wonders that will fool the simple because they do not love the truth, but would rather follow my lies. And the gifts I bring are perverse images of the real Jesus. I will make him look like a hard taskmaster, I will make him look as if He has no true mercy as you kick the sick and as you abuse those who come looking for the real Jesus. They are fools and I delight in taking advantage of the weak, forsaken and the lazy who have not tested things. I delight in showing the world my trickery and cunning ability. I have been so good at it since the beginning of time. And now Tod, now Tod I have you to release my gifts. My gifts of more lies and delusions. More filth and corruption to the Bride of Christ. Come lay with me, Tod. Drink of my fornication and I will raise you up among men and there will be none like you!”

“To become a living epistle like the Word that became flesh.”

Is she saying like Jesus? What an abomination! What a mockery of the One True Jesus!

This is Satan speaking!

“I will use you to father a movement that operates in such revival power that is coming out of the very nature and the heart of God.”

LIAR! What? One that kicks sick people in the stomach? One that tells lies and mocks and blasphemes the true Jesus?!

“And you will teach people how to behold god until they are transformed from glory to glory from compassion to mercy to loving kindness to truth to justice to forgiveness.”

LIAR! Satan wants people to behold HIS glory and power. This transformation thing is occultic and new age, preparing the way for a greater delusion and perhaps anti-christ.

Then she bends down over him and lays her hand on his stomach. Which is kind of perverse in my opinion. Too much closeness here and more releasing of the kundalini spirit at work.

“And a whole generation will move in such signs and wonders and power…”

I can almost see Satan salivating here.

“… but everyone will give glory to god.”

LIAR! No, people will be worshipping an image of Jesus you apostates have created!

“I feel like Tod that when you were 12 years old and I just graduated from Baptist seminary The holy spirit fell on me and he started to speak to me over and over and over again about a generation that would come upon the earth.”

This generation is not of God. If you do not believe me, just do a search on The New Mystics with John Crowder. The generation being brought up has no respect for the pure unadulterated Word of God. They are being equipped for battle against the true saints of God.

“That would do signs and wonders and change society and society would not change them.”

I would have to ask, signs and wonders for what purpose? To get people to believe in God? They have the Word. But rather, is it not, to get the simple to unknowingly follow Satan?

“And you are the first fruits of that generation of nation changers that will release the glory of god and all it’s fullness.”

Tod, the first fruits? Now that is scary. Imagine a whole generations of liars, heretics and apostates. Am I the only one looking forward to the second coming of Christ?

“We give you the keys to eastern Europe. Especially the poor and the rejected, the gypsies. and the Lord says because you have loved his personal presence, there are two annointings that are released on his presence and I just want to release those two annointings on you from the lord. By the way, the lord says you’re a well pleasing son. The father, abba said that to you personally. The first annointing is the pleasure of the Lord.”

He lays his hand on Tod’s stomache and begins to quote scripture that is in regard to Jesus: “Surely he has born our grief. sickness, weakness and carried our sorrow unto pain… you were considered stricken and afflicted by God. but He was bruised for our ininquities…and god is releasing his pleasure of what he did upon to jesus unto you, Tod…2nd annointing he wants to give you is, because you have loved righteousness and delighted in integrity and virtue and uprightness in heart in thought and action and you have hated unjustice and iniquity…the lord has annointed you.”

Nope, can not say God was in this at all!

It bears repeating: Tod, the first fruits? Now that is scary. Imagine a whole generations of liars, heretics and apostates. Am I the only one looking forward to the second coming of Christ?