The purpose of kundalini stated on this video is “To create a new man, a man who is happily mindless.”My gosh! Do you want to be mindless?! Do you dare to let any teacher, any man, any so-called prophet of God make you mindless with their beliefs and teachings and acceptance of this spirit?! Do you dare test God by NOT taking your brain and TESTING ALL THINGS?! There is no excuse to not search out these things. no excuse at all.

Are not these things being manifested on these videos the VERY things that Jesus cast out of people?! Yet, the church wants to call it the manifestation of the Holy Spirit! Such mockery! Will you stand up for the truth in reguard to no man, now? You see the truth before your very eyes. There is no excuse now.

The man at 4:35 has definitely been touched by something and it creeps me out greater than anything on the clip. I dare say it was NOT the Holy Ghost. His movements are demonic and could only be of a demons manifesting through him but the church wants to call these things the Holy Ghost. Call me just “religious.” I don’t care! Get it! I don’t care! These things are NOT of God! Warning, these things are NOT of God. I don’t care how many experiences you and I may have had in the past where it well, just felt like God, and my experience was so good. I don’t care! Don’t you see we were deceived in following a different Jesus? A different spirit? Only pride would stop a person from admitting it. Oh that we all would wake up because a greater delusion comes. A greater delusion comes!

If this is what heaven is going to be like, then I don’t want to go there. For who in their right mind wants to spend eternity in this among people like this?!

Precious Bride of Christ, flee from these things! Come out from the Whore!