Just for your information, no, I did not read the book. I have no desire to. I know arsenic is poisoness, therefore I would never buy it or use it. The last time I went into a “Christian” bookstore, I came out of it depressed. All the self-help manuals and the apostate gurus being thrown at us are enough to make me want to picket these places carrying a sign calling out, “REPENT!” Which I still may do at some point.

Whats Wrong With The Shack Book?

The Shack is full of false doctrine looked past by people who are emotionally swept out into the sea of deception. They look past the truth of God’s Word because they want a god of their own making, one who fails to punish for sin unrepented of.

The primary source of this bad doctrine is because the trinity of The Shack Book is not the Trinity of the Bible. Rather it is the goddess Kali.

This is the book for you if you believe in a Universal salvation without seeking forgiveness, if you want a god who loves without logic, and if you don’t know or don’t care about biblical truth and sound doctrine.

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