August 31 2008

I awoke with heavy heart and “saw” Joel Osteen. His face was pasty white. His eyes were blinking and his head bobbing left to right with that smile. His movements were like that of a puppet. But I could not see the strings. It jarred me. (As I write this I believe God is speaking to me, “There is life in the blood.”) Joels’ face being pasty white, with no blood. The church has become anemic with the bloodless messages being preached. She is weak when she refuses the Blood of the Lamb.

As I “saw” this I felt sad for Joel. Unusual for me to feel anything but contempt for a false teacher. This too jarred me.

I SAW the false movement and how it does not offend anyone with the truth of the Cross. How the masses of deceived people have heaped up teachers among themselves as the Word says will happen in the latter days. How the times are being prepared that NO ONE will be allowed to teach or preach anything that does not “feel good.” The Cross will not be allowed to be preached.

Joel Osteen is a puppet and a front runner to this cause. Does he know? I don’t know. I don’t believe he does. But yet, I do not get a go ahead on that because God also showed me times are perilous and to be cautious on trusting anyone. That is for all the Bereans.

The Word came to me, “Let no man deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed…” This jarred me.

I took this to mean the falling away will produce the “man of sin.” He will come out of the “falling away.” It will be someone who calls himself a chrisitan. It will look better than Joel Osteen. And there will be no blood, no cross.

America is the front runner of NOT preaching the true gospel. The preachers have compromised greatly for their own wealth and gain. God will judge.

I believe the man of sin is on the earth. I may or may not live to see him revealed. But the generation after me, will, I believe.

A greater delusion than Tod Bentley comes. God is speaking this to me very much the past few weeks. A greater delusion comes.

My heart is heavy. There are no more words for what I sense inside myself.