Truthfully, I do not know if Benjamin Creme is full of bull or not. I don’t know if he is speaking from some delusion or if he truly is endorsing someone.

I give you part of the video. Interviewer asks BC, “Lord Maitreya is not a name which most chrisitans would associate with Christ. What is his relationship to the Christ?”

Creme says, “Maitreya and the christ are one and the same individual. And he works through Jesus.”

“He appears in the though form in the one they are awaiting. Christians are waiting for Christ, so they see him as the christ. Hindus are waitng for krishna, they see him as…”

“A teacher for all religions.”

Signs follow; Lighted crosses, healing waters, weaping statues, light patterns, crop circles, unusual strangers, human shaped fires.

Interviewer asks, “Why has christ stayed so far behind the scenes when there are so many starving people in the world? Why won’t he come out and solve the problem?”

“Maitreya is seeking the (can’t understand his words here) time to appear openly to the world. He’ll appear first in America. Look for a man who is calling for justice in the world for all the world for freedom for all the world. When enough people are responding to what he as to say Maitreya will be asked to speak to the whole world. And on that day the day of declaration as it will be known, an extraordinary thing will happen… people will see Maitreyas’ face by now familiar, on their television sets. Everyone, every adult in the world will hear his words, his thoughts, his ideas inwardly, silently, telepathically while he is speaking his energy. The energy of love will flow out in tremendous potency through the hearts of all humanity. This will invoke an intuitive heartfelt response to the message. And on the physical plane there will be hundreds of thousands of spontaneous healings, cures throughout the world. Our response to this extraordinary day and message will determine the whole future of our world. Maitreya has already said, “My heart tells me your answer. Your choice and is glad.”

The message ends with this: If you now wonder what you can do to help, the the answer is this: Make this information known according to your level of belief, and as Mr. Creme says, “you will never regret it.”

Oh yes, we would regret it! Because if there is such a Lord Maitreya, he is NOT the real Christ, nor will he be what any other religion is looking for! The ONLY ONE WHO COMES BACK IS JESUS! He brings judgment against all false teachers and prophets. He brings judgment to all wicked nations and the whole earth. Church, do not be deceived. Do you see how the false revivals and apostate teachers in the church over the years will help bring this in?  So many people, thanks to the apostate faith healers in todays’ churches, will be the very first to believe this antichrist.