I have put off posting this for obvious reasons. One being afraid of appearing a nut. As how can anyone take a “nut” seriously? But, this event is true. Some of you I have known for years and others I have just met. I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of meeting what I call “End Time Friends,” the past few months. Sharing emails, and even conversations over the phone; I‘ve grown to love each of you. We may never meet face-to-face in this lifetime, but Gods’ Spirit has made us family and one glorious day we will be with one another.
Those of us who have been keeping up on the apostate abominations going on within the church the past few decades are very much aware of a great delusion coming upon the earth. This delusion will cause many to follow a false savior. He will be known as the antichrist to those who are looking for the real Jesus to split the sky with His second coming. The Word of God says that the elect will be deceived if possible. I used to believe how is that possible? But now I see. When you have thousands of people creating a Jesus in their image and masses of people following that Jesus, you have a false god. Such as the delusions Lakeland, Florida brought with Todd Bentley and his deceitful cronies a few months ago.
Just how strong can a delusion be? Read the following and decide for yourself.
Right after I found out about the Lakeland revival I threw myself in the Word of God and into much prayer. There was an urgency in me like never before. I began to test ALL things. I began praying for a certain friend who was caught up in the revival.

One day, feeling extremely fatigued, I went and laid down to take a nap. I was almost asleep when all of a sudden my body became very heavy and I heard a buzzing in my ears. I knew what that was. In the occult, it is a sign of astral projection beginning to take place. When that happens, I fight it with all my might, calling on the name of Jesus. Please don’t ask me why it happens. Because I do not know. I have been a born-again blood bought redeemed Christian for 33 years now. I can only guess it has something to do with my occult background. But only God knows. However, He allowed this to happen.

Anyway, I tried to fight this thing getting ready to take place. But I was not strong enough. A man appeared in my bedroom. At first I could not make out who he was, as when these things happen, my vision is kind of distorted, like a band over my eyes and I have to tilt my head a certain way to be able to see. When I was finally able to see, he was standing by the bed in blue jeans and had long stringy greasy hair. He had a look of complete stupidity upon his face.

Like he was a moron. One of his legs were bare. On the back of his leg was a tattoo. I don’t know what it was. He was going to assault me. I cried out to my husband who was in the next room. I thought for certain he would hear me and come in. But he did not.I began to call upon the Lord. Then the man was gone and I was laying in bed with my eyes opened. I could see the daylight, the windows and the curtains as if I were awake. I was paralyzed. I tried calling out to my husband again. But he still did not come.



I began praying, “Jesus, if I am asleep, please help me wake up!” Then my husband comes into the room and comes near the bed as if to do something sexual with me. But I knew it was not my husband and said, “You are not my husband. Be gone in the name of Jesus!” I was terrified and once again called out to my husband who I knew was in the next room. But he did not come.



I still could not move. I still could see my room. I could see it as clear as anything. But could not move. Then something else came to me that I could not see. I felt it get in the bed. And I will not say what happened next. Other than I began crying out to the lord with everything I had in me. The thing went away. I called my husband again and still he did not come.  
All of a sudden I sat up in bed. I felt a sense of relief but knew I was still paralyzed. There was still something evil in the room that I could not see. I began to sing a hymn of some kind. I can’t remember exactly what. I did this because other times when I began to sing during similar events, it would break the power of these things and then I would come out of it, being able to move and wake up. Which seems the slightest movement breaks it hold on me. That is if I can move. If it happens in the middle of the night my husband will hear me and then he will pray for me and I am able to sleep in peace.  
But this day, the singing became different. I was still paralyzed but was able to sing. I began singing and praising Jesus in the midst of my terror. Then all of a sudden, the most beautiful voices and music came into the room. It was not of this earth. It was pure rapture. The music and the voices were in the thousands. I heard instruments I have never heard before. I heard harmonies not of this earth. I cried out to God, “Oh Lord, surely you will deliver me now for the angels have come down and are praising you!”



Then I heard what they were singing. These beautiful voices were singing such horrible blasphemies about my Lord Jesus. Such vile wicked abominable things that nothing on this earth could create. Not even the worst Hollywood movie. Not even the most wicked person on earth could come up with such vile things. I became terrified. It was the most afraid I had ever been in my life. I am not able to express what I felt. It was a horror not of this earth. I am not sure, but I think I may have started crying, begging God for mercy that I would not have to hear those vile and wicked things, that He would not allow me to remember those sounds and voices from hell.   



Then the next thing, I am in the kitchen and something with very long skinny arms is behind me with its’ arms wrapped around me. It was a woman. She was whispering soothing things to me as if to lull me to sleep, as if to make me think I needed her, as if to make me weaker.



I cried out to my husband who was in the dining room. This thing told my husband, “Don’t worry. I can take care of her.” I struggled against this thing, rebuking it.   



I then came to. I cried out for my husband and this time, for real, he came into the room. I asked, “How many times did I call you?” He said, “Just once.”



I got up out of bed very shaken. I was crying telling him what happened. I anointed my whole house, every wall and every room. (Since then I have learned and believe that is totally useless. For it is nowhere in the Bible. It has been something I had been taught for years. But I don’t see it in the Word of God and I will not be doing that anymore. Rather, I will be trusting in Jesus and Him alone.)   



God was merciful and gracious to me. He did not let me remember the things I heard. And I am so glad. For I am sure it would have driven me insane by now.  
I know there is no possible way anyone can test this experience other than take my word for it. I tell you the truth; I am convinced that the movement of “sounds and singing planets” within the body of Christ is nothing more than Lucifer being unleashed in such a way that thousands who call themselves Christians will be deceived. I am convinced that the delusion coming upon the earth will be of such force that even the most committed and discerning of Christians will be greatly taken off guard and tested. It is so very important we KNOW Jesus and His word. Nothing and I mean nothing else will be able to separate the lies from the truth.
None of us really know how Satan comes as an angel of light. He is more than just a trickster. He hates God. He hates Gods’ Son. And he hates us. Please church, hear my hearts’ cry, TEST ALL THINGS. Do not be deceived.