I want to publicly thank God for allowing me to meet a very intelligent, god-fearing and passionate woman of truth; Miriam Franklin of EndtimePropheticWord blog. I found her site a few months ago while doing a search on Tod Bentley. I knew nothing about TB other than what a friend was telling me at the time; how wonderful he was, how anointed he was, how cool  he was because of all the tattoos, etc. I wasn’t impressed. As this friend had little discernment in previous moves of God. However, I would go and check him out online, I told her. That is how I came to know of Miriam Franklin.

I found a gold mine at her blog! A treasure chest of information! I began to read her many posts, my spirit leaping in me, for the truth I was reading. FINALLY, someone out there was telling it like it is. Finally someone was not willing to compromise the truth. Finally, there was someone else who had heard of people like Jesse-Penn-Lewis, A.W. Tozer, Leonard Ravenhill, etc. Finally I had found a place to belong. It had become my church. It had become my fellowship. I had Miriam Franklin to thank for that.

I found out I was not the only one who felt or thought the way I did pertaining to the apostacy going on in the church. I found out I did not have to feel alone. I was not. There were and are many of us. Precious Saints of God looking for the truth. Miriam Franklin has a place such as that.

Without her knowing it, God began to use Miriam Franklin to inspire me and encourage me to do something I could not have done a year ago; blogging. Being a writer who once thought there was no hope left in me to ever begin writing again, her site gave me a chance to think, process information and to express myself in ways I never had done before. I thank Miriam Franklin for giving me this opportunity.

As I watched how Miriam responded to others, I learned to articulate my opinions in ways I had never been challenged before. I’m certainly not as good at it as she is, but still, I am much better than a year ago! I have Miriam to thank for that.

I learned to try and listen to opposing views coming from faceless and voiceless people. I was not always good at it! Sometimes it is just plain hard to know where a person is coming from when you can not actually see or hear them. At least it is for me. It is sometimes hard to know the tone one is using. Whether something is being said deceitfully, sarcastically, condescendingly or with all sincerity. So, I had to learn how to discern in ways I never had before. I am certain I did not and perhaps will not always discern correctly over the internet. Never-the-less, Miriam gave me such a place to test my abilities. I thank her for that. 

Many times, when perhaps I may have taken the tone of another the wrong way, she graciously pointed me to the truth. That is a leader. I thank Miriam Franklin for that.

I learned what Pauls’ thorn wasat ETPW. For years I searched the Word and concordance in wanting to know what that meant. I read countless opinions. Most saying the thorn was his eyesight. But one day, God revealed it to me. I was at Miriams’ place and she said the thorn was “persecution.” A light went off in me. I was excited! But being a Berean, I knew I still had to test it. I asked Miriam how she came to her conclusion. Her answer (I can’t verbalize it at the moment, as I am so slow at times) bore witness to my spirit, it made one hundred percent sense and I received it as the truth. So that is what the thorn is!  I said excitedly to myself. Makes perfect sense. Thank you GOD for finally showing me this after all these years of wanting to know!  And I thank Miriam Franklin.

There were times when I believed she prayed for me. And I thank her for that, too. 

There were times when she enquired of my health. I thank her for that, also.

There were times when she encouraged me in one way or another. I thank Miriam for that. 

Sometimes she took the Word of God and really got to the meat of it. That is a teacher. I thank her for sharing that gift with us.

I watched her call us all up a little higher. That is an exhorter. I thank her for that.

There was one time when I did not read one of her post in its’ complete entirety about some pastor who killed someone or something. Being impulsive, I pounded off an opinion without reading the whole article.  I went back to read the article and boy, did I feel stupid! I had completely missed the mark and I had already sent Miriam a comment that was completely stupid and would have made me look like a complete idiot! I was fretting about that. BUT, she did not post it, thank God. So here I am now telling how stupid I was anyway! But the point is, she did not post it. She could have and it would have made me look like one big moron. But she didn’t. So she took time to read what was sent to her and never treated our comments as some light thing. I thank her for not only not posting my stupid comment but for treating our posts with respect.

I learned to reach out to others in different ways on her blog, making new End Time Friends for the days ahead. See, there are no friends here where I am at. Many have no desire to test anything. They all just want to follow false teachers and be in little camps. I just can’t go along with that. So, I found a few friends on Miriams’ site. I would have never found any of them if it had not been for Miriam. I thank her for sharing her place with me.

I learned to come along beside her and others for the sake of truth. Being a chrisitan who sees most things as either black or white, with little grey, I found myself not compromising for anyone. Not, that I ever did very much, anyway, as anyone who knows me would tell you. Not even for the sake of peace. But, there was something very special at her site, a camrederie I had longed for. Not found in churches. A camaraderie I had not had for years. That is just one reason why her place became my place of fellowship. I thank Miriam Franklin for giving me and others that platform of being able to express ourselves.

I learned it was OK (sometimes) if others did not always agree with me. This took some time as I can not sometimes actually know where a faceless-voiceless person is coming from. I remember one man; he and I went around and around about something. I thought he was an enemy of the cross. Therefore that made him an enemy of mine. But, God showed me this man was on the same side I was on! Just differently and it was ok. Therefore this man was my brother. So, I have learned to try and listen a little deeper. I have Miriam Franklins’ site to thank for that!

Many times, when I may have responded in a way that was not warranted (which made me feel like a complete idiot), Miriam helped me to see the truth. So, I learned it is ok to say something stupid every now and then. The world will not end or come crashing down all around me. I have Miriam to thank for that.

I developed a confidence that I too, could test things, that I did not have to follow the teachings of false preachers or teachers. I thank Miriam for that.

When some, if not most within the mainstream church, would tell us, ‘Here is the Christ, go here or there,’ Miriam raised a red flag for us. I thank her for that.

I have watched many lost and broken hearted people coming out of the WOF faith movement and step into Miriams’ place. I have seen how she treated each of them. Tenderly and compassionately with truth and wisdom. This is not a hireling. This is a true shepherd amonsgt Gods’ people. This is the Miriam I know and have actually grown to love. I thank her for that.

We all can be thankful for the many things she has taught us and given us. Though, I do not know her, I believe she is a remarkable woman of God who I will always have great respect for.

Life is kind of odd, sometimes. We truly never know whose paths will cross with ours in this pilgrimage journey we all are on. But God does. He has known from the beginning of time who we will cross paths with and when. My life has been for the better for the past few months because I crossed paths with a faceless/voiceless person named Miriam Franklin. I am very thankful God let my path cross with hers.

May she be blessed in all she does for the Kingdom of God!