Obama encouraged us to be our brothers’ keeper. His meaning of that is stealing from the American tax payer–the strong people of this nation who have never whined about someone owing them anything. They are the ones who have made this nation. Everyone who gets up and goes to work every day. Those in our military. Those who have created jobs. Those who protect our streets from thugs and slimeballs. Those who give to the Angel Trees at Christmas every year. All those who have given to our communities in one way or another by supporting themselves. All these people have made our country rich with their hard work. And for what? For congress to sit in Washington, deciding how to use their tax dollars to fund everything under the sun that any decent American would say “no” to. We have had no choice how they have ever wanted to use our tax dollars. But, let it be known; I have a choice on who is my brother and sister.

Now with a socialist government coming at us right around the corner, they will steal our 401s– all in the name of “being your brothers’ keeper.” They will tax buisnesses who have created jobs for thousands–all in the name of “being your brothers’ keeper.”  All of it, to be given to the lazy no-count bums that sit on their butts thinking the rest of us owe them something. People who have believed the lie that their skin color has stopped them from being able to excel. Women who could not keep their legs together and got pregnant over and over and had abortions at the tax payers’ expense. People who have shacked up and had baby after baby and now expect that hard-working young man or woman who did it right and is working, to pay for their college education. People who have used their mental illnesses as an excuse not to be responsible. People who have chosen to squander their money on drugs–becoming addicts, yet able to go and get their methadone treatment at the expense of the tax payer. Boozers who want to say they have a “disease,” going in and out of treatment centers, all at the tax payers expense. The homeless who expects government to build them places where they can go and shoot up their drugs at the tax payers expense. The National Endowment for the Arts that steal tax payers money to create godless works of art. I could go on and on. But hopefully, you get the picture. 

Those of us with a brain KNOW what Obama and his socialist agenda is. We know that the new socialist governement will steal what is rightfully ours to give to those who do not work, to help fund things we absolutely abhor, to send some kid to a liberal college to be indoctrinated with liberal/socialist beliefs and God only knows what all else.

I do not need Obama telling me anything about taking care of my brother or sister. Being a person who cares about the needs of others, I have been my brothers’ keeper for years. I have had to take stock now on who is my brother and sister? If I listen to Obama, (which I never will) he would make it sound like everybody is my brother or sister. He is dead wrong. Obama does not have the right to tell me who my brothers and sisters are. This is America. I choose who my brothers and sisters are–not Obama or government. First off, being a christian, I firmly believe there are children of light and children of darkness. The children of light have their Father and the children of darkness have theirs. Therefore we have different fathers. Simple as that. If you don’t like it, then perhaps it is because maybe you yourself know, you are a dark and wicked person. See, you can’t force me to be your sister. Simple as that.

There are those who are born-again. These are my brothers and sisters; Republicans and Democrats, Blacks and whites, young and old, rich and poor, educated and uneducated. 

Then there are those who either voted for Obama or didn’t; Republicans and Democrats, Blacks and whites, young and old, rich and poor, educated and uneducated. 

This is a time of war in the political arena. People have voted their principles and chosen the god they want to serve and adore. They have chosen the god they trust and want to take care of them. They either chose the god with capital G–The God of the universe. Or the god of this world–government. If they have chosen Obama they have chosen the god of this world.

I will not bow to this god. I will not give my allegiance to this god. This god is an anti-christ. All who profess the name of Jesus should have been able to see and understand this. If not, your ignorance is no excuse. You have rebelled greatly against everything, we as christians stand for and deep down you know it. Therefore you are not my brother and sister.

I have decided who my brother and sister are. They are those who did not vote for Obama. Should you need anything, anything at all, I will do my best to serve you and to give to you anything I possibly can. If times get hard and you are hungry, I will give you my last can of soup. 

You who have chosen Obama–you have chosen who you serve. You have chosen who will be your keeper. Should it be you need anything, anything at all, it will not be me who gives it to you. Go to your neighborhood community organizer (whom I am sure Obama will put in place) and tell them you are hungry. Because that last can of soup I have? It will not go to you, but to the sister or brother I have chosen. And you? Well, you just are not the one.