Whose god are you listening to?
The other day, Steve Forbes came on the radio. He was being interviewed about the possible depression getting ready to hit America. He said a lot of friends and family had called him asking what to do. He said the first thing is not to panic. Which I would agree. He went on to say, “Brace yourselves.” I agree with that too.
His words were sobering. His words were probably true.


I listened to other “experts” on the subject. 


I listened to Shepherd Smith on Fox a night or two before the bill just HAD to be passed or else America would fall over night. Or so they had us believe. I listened as Smith began to close his program by saying, “God help us all.”

I heard George Bush say, “God bless you” at the end of his speech, instead of the usual God bless America. I thought to myself, even he knows God is no longer going to bless us. Rather, the beginning of judgment or warnings are upon us after decades of prosperity and ungodliness.I heard others more or less say things such as “heaven help us.” Funny, I don’t remember any of them ever thanking God when times were good. I guess it is ok to only use “God” in a sentence when things are about to fall apart?

I stayed glued to the T.V. set for four days. Then I stayed glued to the radio. I don’t want to be ignorant. I want the truth. I am not one who wants to believe whatever is easiest just to make me feel good. Truth is important to me, even at the risk of feeling bad or having to change my opinion on something.

I got so caught up and angry about the deceit and underhandedness in all arenas, that it began to affect me physically. The tension of being upset and angry has brought pain in my body for well over a week now. Like, I said, that is my fault. I should have stopped what I was doing and sought the Lord. But I did not. Instead, I listened to everything and everybody else.

It not only cause me physical pain, but my anger caused me to attack those who think differently than I. I am sorry for that. I hurt others and I also brought great reproach to the Lord by my words and my anger.

I heard the Lord speak to my heart a couple days ago. He said, “Be careful whose god you listen to.” I asked Him what this meant. He began to show me that even though there are many experts that know so much more than I ever could about what is going on, not to be ignorant of Satan’s devises. He is a liar, a manipulator and a deceiver.

Every time I had listened to these talking heads, I got upset. That was my fault. I should have never given them that kind of power in my life! The Lord showed me that each of them, if not regenerated men and women of God, have their own agendas. And He is not part of it. Some have the god of money. Some have the god of lust for political power. Some have the god of wanting to be someone in this lifetime.

We as Christians are to flee from these things. We can not trust in these things. They can not save us and never will be able to save us. Neither will the talking heads and all the experts. Nor will any political leader “save” us. As Christians we are to always put our hope in the Lord. We are not to listen to voices contrary to the Word of God. I can not allow myself to let other gods be lord of my emotions anymore. I can not allow myself to be led by their gods of financial gain, gods of political power, gods of wanting to be esteemed. And neither can you.

I failed the test last week big time. I let the other gods lead me. By the grace of God I will not allow it to happen again.

We are in for some hard times. There will be those who will try and deceive us on every end. Whose god are you going to listen to and follow?