Patrica King just can not get enough of the New Age. Some of the quotes from the video:

“Worship and sound waves have an effect on eternity.”

Redeemed Hippie>>>[Even if this is true, why is it so important? I believe Lucifer is exhalting himself here.]

“Sounds create a force in the atmosphere.”

Redeemed Hippie>>>[More of Lucifer exalting himself. Note: these people are obsessed with being able to create something in their midst. Therfore they forget they are the creation, not the Creator.]

“The difference between words of hate being lifted up or the noise of hatred or distraction being lifted up verses lifting up sounds of beauty. Lifting up sounds of hope lifting up sounds of light. I think we release those kinds of sounds in the atmosphere. I really believe that in some powerful way it touches and changes the atmosphere around us.”

“Music has the power to absolutely impact, you know, our physical bodies. So I think we have to take careful responsibility about the kind of sound that we bring into ourselves and the sound that goes out of us.”

Redeemed Hippie>>>[That I would agree with. So why do these people desire to let sound affect them like a drug? Why do they give their minds over to the sounds?]

“Scripture talks about four living creatures around the throne of God, these amazing angelic beings… ”

Redeemed Hippie>>>[Is this just some kind of coincidence that Tod Bentley would have a tattoe of these creatures?  Why are these people so obsessed with these creatures? What am I missing here?]

“…and it talks about the 24 elders that are around the throne of God. And you know, we venture into the place of theory here, that’s it interesting that we divide our day into 24 hours. It’s interesting that the year is divided into four seasons, it’s interesting there are 12 months in the year that we move through and so…”

Redeemed Hippie>>>(YAWN) What a bunch of New Age hype that means absolutely NOTHING.]

“I find it interesting to think that the universe can be tuned to a heavenly rhythm.”

Redeemed Hippie>>>[Yes, that is interesting if it is true. But what is the importance to this? Other than this is Lucifer exalting himself.]

“And that there are actually tonalities that can correspond to different seasons to different calender times. There are different tones on the scale that could relate to those seasons and times and there is rhythm that is coming from a heavenly uncreated place and we venture to the realm of speculation.”

Redeemed Hippie>>>[They venture to realms that are occultic in nature.]

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