The following video has to be one of the worst if not the worst prophecies I have seen.

I did not know who Julie Meyer was until recently. I guess the new thing is singing prophets. Which makes sense as a few months ago, their movement got into singing planets. She sits at the piano and sings, chants what she leads us to believe are God inspired words. I can not for the life of me see God in heaven being concerned about the things she is sings about. She is putting herself into a musically induced trance. As a musician, I know how easy that is to do. Many times I sat with my guitar or keyboard playing the same chords over and over just because I loved the sound. It only takes a few minutes to induce a state of bliss. I believe this is what Julie Meyers is doing. I believe by her doing this she is leading others along in her deluisons and self-made high. I had to pull away from this a number of times before I could even begin transcribing it. As there is a pull on it. Another video you may want to pray about before you watch. This is very new-age and mind-altering.

She begins by singing the word “time” 17 times. Singing hypnotically with body movements that are hypnotic as well, “And the Lord would say, there’s a  brand new bloom in the desert, there’s a brand new color in the sky, there is snow in the middle of spring, so be watchful, be watchful for the signs of the times.” More repetiveness with the words “the signs of the times.”

What are the signs? She never says. so, I’ll take this opportunity to give a few. They are apostacy, heresy and false teachers. Evil abounding and the love of many waxing cold. These are the signs of the times.

She goes on with a bunch of mumbo-jumbo which absolutely means nothing. So much so that I am not going to take the time to transcribe it. Repetiveness about a “brand new bloom.” The people stand with awe and in complete submission to this.

Then it really gets interesting at 1:48 as as she tells the audience, “For the Lord says, ‘I’m giving you a great invitation to a divine interruption of media, media, media, media, media, media, media, media, media, media, media, media.’ ” And the people began to worship their golden calf.

A new name for Jesus is the divine interruption?

After that little bit of mind altering enduced hypnosis, she has them in the palm of her hand and then she drops it; the hook for money. She sings, “And the Lord says, ‘this- is- why- I’m- gonna- write- the- check.’ ” She makes arm and hand motions like a rapper. She goes on, “He says, ‘this is why I’m gonna give you the money. This is why I’m gonna write the check. This is why I’m going to give you the money. I’m gonna give you a signed check for MEDIA!  Media, media, media, media. And I tell you Hollywood will take notice.’ ”

WHAT?! Hollywood takes notice of what? A bunch of false teachers? A bunch of mindless and mind-numbing tripe? Let’s pray and hope not!

Oh the apostacy!

She says god is saying, “Hollywood will take notice for this is gods’ army that will spring up in the wilderness… will throw the movies, it will throw the labels, it will throw the world… for gods’ media army is arising, arising…and this is why I’m gonna write the check, this is why I’m gonna give you the money.”

Oh the heresy of putting words in Gods’ mouth that He has not spoken!

“For I say any house that is fueled by prayer, a new media will spring up.”

Just what we need; another false lying media. America has enough of those!

“I will have my way with media, I say number one movies will spring up, spring up out of my house…I say number one hit movies will arise and win the awards of an ungodly nation.”

Such heresy! Such lies! To even think God is looking for entertainment and Hollywood to take the place of His word! Oh my God, have mercy on these who may or may not know what they do! Have mercy!

“I will have my way. And this is why I’m gonna write the check. This is why I’m gonna give you the money.” Palm extended, “here it is. Here it is.” Sorry Julie, I did not see any money. “It’s the great invitation to the divine interuption…it is the annointing behind the sound, sound, sound, there’s a new sound, there’s a new sound, there’s a new sound and you shall know by this…” More mindless and mind numbing munbo-jumbo.  Other than the sound is Lucifer, not God.

And the people still worship their false Jesus. No one dares to stand up and call out this woman as a false prophetess.

“I will have my way in every way. Hit number one songs…I will have my way in every way…in movies…even greater than the Passion of the Christ, people will just go to a movie… and I say salvation will spring up in the midst of a movie. Salvation will spring up in the midst of a new song. I’ll say something else. computer games, video gamescomputer games, video games, computer games, video games, I’m giving out creativity…”

Somehow God needs and wants computer and video games for five year olds and the youth to sit down and play that will lead them to him. Never mind sitting down and teaching them the Word.

Bride of Christ, these things are Lucifer exalting himself. This is not God. Souls are dying and going to hell and God wants number one songs?! New video games? Oh the heresy! Oh the soulishness that has invaded the church!

“And all they did was play a game, and all they did was play a game. I tell you I will have my way in every way. Media, media, media, media is mine, it’s mine, it’s mine.”

Yes, the media is Satans. He is known as the Prince of the air.

“The ungodly will turn in to the new media…to the TV to see what God is saying…”

God speaks through his Word. God forbid we have to turn on our TVs to see what god is saying through todays’ prophets and apostates!

God TV will have 365 channels. Let’s hope and pray not.

“It will happen. and this is why I’m gonna write the check. and this is why I’m gonna give you the money, give, give, give.”

And the people continue to let this false prophetess have her way. One of inducing them into a stupor all in the name of Jesus. Yet, His name was NEVER mentioned throughout the whole thing!