People may wonder why I post these things. As they are such mockery and blasphemy. I do it because if just one person can look upon this and turn from it then it has not been in vain. If just one person can look upon it and begin to challenge these people, then it is not done in vain. If just one person can stand up and say, “It is enough!” then it is not in vain. Bear in mine, that NO ONE in the modern day faith movement dares to come against these things. Why is that? It is because they all are in the same camp. They dare not to expose one another, less they themselves be exposed for the frauds and liars they are.

You may or may not be able to watch this in its entirety. I couldn’t. But at least you will get a glimpse of the apostacy within the church. Do not think this is just a passing phase. This could be coming to a church near you in the near future. What will you do?

Lord come quickly!