Kim Clement interview with Rory and Wendy Alec.

Part one can be seen here:

Seems like KC and his son were accused of drug usage. KC had hatred for his neighbors that accused him. So the Lord tells him, “I want you to pray for your neighbors.”

KC responded with (at 6:50:) “I’m sure there are little old ladies in the neighborhood that would do that. Why would you want a great prophet to do that?” 

Does not this tell us that KC thinks an awful lot of himself? To call himself a prophet is one thing but to call himself a great one is another.

“So the Lord said, ‘This is Jesus stuff. This is stuff I want you to do.’ ”

Only God and Kim Clement know if he and his son were guilty of anything or not.

Part 2 can be seen here:

George Bush told him, “Never stop prophesying. Never stop prophysing… the president of the United States came to me and… and prophysied to me.”

He says God told him to create a great memory for Him. This is adding to the word of God. The Cross is more than enough. God is not impressed with man. He is impressed only by what His Son did upon the Cross.