Warning; following video is very graphic


I will not apologise for its’ contents. How Satan must laugh at such images. How a holy God must grieve!  ABORTION is murder. Abortion IS Murder. Abortion is MURDER. No matter how you say it; abortion is murder.  I dare say anyone who says it is not, is a blatant liar. How can anyone call it any other thing? You can’t, unless you are a liberal democrat. As most, if not all conservatives will call this for what it is: MURDER! This ought to enrage every decent human being. It ought to make you forget your political party if you have an ounce of humanity and choose life over any other causes.

THIS MURDERING OF INNOCENTS is bringing judgment upon this nation! Do not think it is not.

Such wickedness in high places who lie and deceive about the truth! Starting with the socialists in the whitehouse on down to those who would have more compassion for a chicken than a baby!

God have mercy! How long oh God, how long!?