Keith Green was a rare man. His convictions were probably some of the greatest within the church, if not the greatest. He truly was a non-compromiser. Todays’ christian music pales in comparison compared to his. His music portrayed who and what he was;  a passionate man of God. What amazes me is that so many who are in the false movements, would applaud him even to this day, yet they bring reproach to him and to the truth by following a different gosple than the one Keith preached and taught. 

I can only hope and pray that the ones that are following a different Jesus than the one Keith proclaimed, will someday come back to the truth. 

The Prodigal Son in my opinon is one of Keiths’ greatest works. Before the internet, I would listen to it over and over and could see scenes being worked out in my head. I would even act out the song in hopes I could someday direct a movie. I never got to do it. But someone else has and I am very grateful.  Manofvalor111 truly has created a work of art worth watching.

Part One:

Part two: