A clip from the early 80s’ of one of Hinns’ church services. Everyone is seeing Jesus on the wall but him.  It starts with a woman coming up to him and telling him what she sees on the back wall. “Anytime any words come out of Bennys’ mouth, the mouth of Jesus is moving on that wall. Right over there. Every single word of prophecy that you gave. And anytime you pray for any of the people, His mouth is moving as your… ”

“Are you serious?” Hinn interupts.

Others begin to tell him they see it too. Hinn says he can not see it. He tells the crowd to pray for him.

What? To recieve their delusion?

He even tells the crowd, “You know, I don’t think the Lord wants me to see it. You know what I’m talking about? Maybe if I see it it will forget about all of you.”

What is that suppose to mean?

Before you know it everybody else begins seeing it. Meanwhile, even the children in childrens’ church are experiencing the same thing.

Jesus has better things to do than play peek-a-boo with people. Think about it.