Another video of more mocking and great deception meant for the church and anyone else who will follow this blasphemy.

I discern this is a spirit upon this man. It is not the Holy Ghost. It is a moronic spirit from the pit of hell. It is meant to make the one who practices it, to look like a complete imbelcile. Which it does.

I would love to see what this man would look like if he was totally clean from these spirits; totally repentant of allowing these wicked manifestations. Totally absorbed by the One True God. The God who is holy and pure.

If this is the One True God, then I am doomed because I dare not follow this god whom this man follows.

Some quotes as he looks stupidly in the camera:

“I just get it all in my spirit and my body and soul start to shut down.”

This is a moron spirit upon this man.

“I was standing in the corner against the wall with  my eyes sealed shut. With a big ol’ smile and drool.”

Drool? I remember a book by Karen Mains from years ago. She had written she had a vision of this little creature like man who appeared before her drooling. Who was this character? She said Jesus.

No, it was not the real Jesus. No more the true Jesus than the one this man follows.

“There’s a corporate trance coming upon the body of Christ.”

Let us all hope and pray not. But if so, may we have the wisdom and discernment to remember Gods’ word, “I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a SOUND MIND.”

These things are not soundness. It is a blatant mockery; the complete opposite of a sound mind. May these people repent and may those within the starstruck church call them out for it.

Father God, I ask that you send the Holy Spirit to this man to convict him of this mocking unrighteousness he practices. May he come to the full truth and be a true voice in the midst of the darkness.