Over the past few decades, the church has had many idols she has looked up to. Idols she gave her money and support to in hopes of getting something back from God. Anything and everything from healing, financial wealth to even just a few hours of hyped up activity of feel-good-revival. Never mind the lies, the distortions, the blatant fraud–just as long as she could get from her genie god all she could get without Godly remorse and repentence.

She has heaped up teachers in the last days; teachers who care only for money and filthy lucre, men and women who fleece the flock with their lies and yet, there are those within the church who have loved it so. They have been known to sit in the audience with moronic excited looks when a false prophet exclaimed, “Jesus is coming in the flesh on this stage.” They have reveled in visits from angels. They have listened to every lie come forth as if it were an oracle of God.

They have heaped up teachers in the last days; men and women who have lived abundantly off the finances of their followers promising health and wealth to all who give to them.

It doesn’t matter how they get their healing.  They allow themselves to be slapped and even kicked by their false teachers and it does not matter to them.  They have allowed themselves to be abused by devils and they call it God. Bringing reproach to a holy and merciful God when they do so.

Then when their false teachers/prophets show themselves to be false, they still will go back for more. They forget the Lord their God and follow a Jesus the apostates create in their image.

Tod Bently, a phony that some within the church wanted so much to believe in, so much wanted to follow, so much gave their money and time to–has remarried. All along while he gave prophesy after prophesy on how God was healing marriages, he was having an affair all along. Now he is remarried.

He lied to the people in more than one way. He not only lied about the angels and other occult happenings, but he lied in presenting himself as a family man.  He not only created a Jesus in his image, but he created an image of himself for the masses to follow.

Oh Bride of Christ, who will you follow? The real Jesus or one who is being set up by false workers of iniquity?