Carpentersdaughter2 gives us a very sobering video about the delusion that is already here. Many are not aware they are under that delusion. Why? Because they have not a love for the truth of God. They have made their own doctrines. Doctrines such as these: Universal Salvation, Being Drunk in the Spirit, We are little gods, we are divine beings, Jesus is not the only way to salvation, Gold teeth and instant weight loss, God wants us healthy and wealth if we sow that financial seed, Jesus is nothing more than an angel, Jesus is not God, You’re not saved if you don’t use the Hebrew name for Jesus, experiences are given more credence than what God’s word says, angel worship, no preaching on hell.

These people twist the Word of God for their own gain. In doing so they deceive thousands. Those who follow such people as John Crowder, Patricia King and Tod Bently and others like them are part of that delusion.