READ THIS FIRST: I am refusing to take any more comments from those who want to defend this woman. There is plenty of proof and information below she is a deceiver and a false teacher/prophet, etc. What you do with the information is now between you and God. I will not continue to debate this with those of you who will not look at the truth. 

I was not about to go out and buy the book as Christian bookstores have become nothing more than Occult and self-help in nature. I do best when I stay out of them with all the aposotacy being  shoved down our throat under the guise as truth. However I did find some information on Thomas gotten here:

The info is as follows:

Recently, we had an inquiry from a minister in Malaysia concerning Choo Thomas and her book ”Heaven is So Real”.

Dear Rev. _______,I am very sorry for the delay in responding to your question concerning Choo Thomas. Hopefully, I can give you enough information to be worth the wait. I am sorry to hear that you have a friend who has been caught up in the movement and even sadder to hear of the impact the book is having in Malaysia. God bless you as you seek to stand for the truthfulness of his word.

As you may know, Thomas’s story is that the Lord personally took her to heaven 17 times or more over a period of about one month. The purpose for these revelations was so that she could write a book that would convince people that heaven is real because apparently the Bible is not sufficient.

Each of these visits to heaven is preceded by violent manifestations in which Thomas loses control of her body. This loss of control continues today whenever she is worshipping or performing her healing dance. Here are some quotes:

“On the night of January 19, the Lord’s presence was so intense in my bedroom that I shook, perspired and felt very weak for more than an hour” (page 7) “Because of the trembling of my body that always accompanied the Lord’s visits, Roger was now sleeping in the guest bedroom” (page 14)“During the night of February 12, my body shook more violently than it ever had. I was almost hurled from the bed because it was so forceful. I tried to grab the sheet to steady myself, but I couldn’t because I had no control over my body. The shaking was unremittingly forceful, and I grew afraid.” (page 17)

RedeemedHippie>>>[I had a similar experience when I was in the occult. One night after studying the occult, I grabbed hold of my blanket sensing something trying to jerk me out of my body. One has to wonder what kind of god Choo is allowing to sling her around the bedroom. She should have  tested this event. She chose not to because she had already believed the lie that she was special. Jesus said, “I am gentle and lowly.” This should be enough truth to anyone to know this was NOT the One True God. To make him any other way, is to make Him a liar.]

These all occurred during the visitations. Here is what is happening now.

“Sometimes the power of His anointing on my hands and arms is so strong that I feel as if my hands are actually breaking apart. One Sunday morning my hand touched my eyes thirty-six times, and before each of these touches, my hands made seven different strange movements.” (page 205)

RedeemedHippie>>>[She is describing more of an occult happening than one of some kind of sanctified notion with the Lord.]

She now also claims that God has told her that when she dances in church no one is allowed to touch her hands before she dances so that her hands will remain holy. Further God told her that she is never to stand at the back of the other worshippers but always in front and that the entire platform belongs to her.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Such arrogance and self exaltation. What better way for Satan to make a show of himself by putting himself up front? I wonder how many people felt unsure about this but gave in to it because of peer pressure.]

These manifestations sure seem to have more in common with demonic possession or kundalini arousal than anything to do with the Holy Spirit.

The book is full of false doctrine. Choo repeatedliy undercuts the authority, sufficiency and power of the Holy Scriptures. Here is a quote from the front page of her website:

Heaven is so Real is our Lord Jesus’ end time book.”

Redeemedhippie>>>[Who says so? Anyone anywhere can write a book and say the same thing. The Bible, and the Bible alone is sufficient. Revelations  22: 18,19 If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plaques that are written in this Book. and if any man shall take away from the words of the this Prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the Book of Life, and out of the Holy City, and from the things which are writeen in this Book.]

He only used my body to write this book. He wants all believers and unbelievers to read it and prepare for His coming. He said, He is giving people a chance to know what it takes to enter His Kingdom through this book. Remember, none of our salvations are secure until the end. We must do our best while we have a chance.

Notice that her book is on parallel with scripture because Jesus wrote it. Also notice that salvation is not secure and is not completely by grace. We must secure it ourselves.

Here are some quotes from the book itself.

“My daughter, you are an End-Times prophetess,’ the Lord told me, “and you are living proof of My Word and My prophecies…….”He told me that many people don’t believe His words and prophecies, and He said even some Christians do not believe them.” (page 168)

“He wants me to serve as living proof of the Bible and His prophecies, because many people do not believe what they read in the Bible, nor do they believe He is coming soon for His people.” (page 177)

“He had shown me how desperate many people are to know the truth about heaven, and I realized emphatically that my book would be the means whereby they could really know.” (124)

RedeemedHippie>>>[See the delusions of grandeur here? Bride of Christ, we have the Word of God. We do not need books written by heretics.]

Notice that her book will be able to tell people the truth about heaven and truly convince them whereas the Bible is unable to do this.

Here’s more:

“Every word in this book is true. The words of Jesus have been transcribed exactly as He said them to me.” (page 153)

“Like John, I had been called to write, and my mission was the same as his-to let people know that the marriage supper of the Lamb has already been prepared, and blessed are those who are invited to be there on the last day.” (129)

RedeemdedHippie>>>[Once again self exalatation; to even compare herself with John is such a lie.]

Later in the book, Thomas reveals that not every Christian goes to heaven. Those who are not obedient enough spend eternity wandering in a desert.

“When we got to the top, I looked over a brown and lifeless valley. Everywhere there was brown. The whole region seemed to be filled with dead grass. I noticed multitudes of people who were wearing sand-colored robes roaming aimlessly in the vicinity of the pit’s yawning mouth. Their heads were hanging low, and they looked very dejected and hopeless. “Who are these people, Lord?” I asked.

“They are disobedient ‘Christians” “How long will they have to stay in this barren, lifeless place?“Forever, My daughter. The only ones who will enter My kingdom are the pure of heart-My obedient children.” (page 46 see also page 249)

Notice that these people are not lost and are not cast into hell. Thomas has discovered a third place where people will spend eternity.

Elsewhere, Thomas tells us some of the conditions for actually getting inside heaven.

“Innocence, trust, purity of heart, fascination, a sense of wonder, belief, joy, happiness, present-moment living-all these are some of the magical qualities of childhood that God wants us to exhibit to GET TO HEAVEN” (133)

RedeemedHippie>>>[Fascination? A sense of wonder? We can be fascinated with all kinds of things; even evil. But this is NO requirement to enter heaven.]

The book is patently arrogant. Over and over again Thomas informs us that Jesus told her that she is His special daughter. She is his obedient daughter. He can use her because her heart is so pure.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Satan loves to appeal to pride. He loves to make people feel they are special. Once he can do this, he has begun to build a cult through the person he has deceived.]

Elsewhere in the book she tells us that if we do not believe the book and rejoice in it, we will not be prepared for Jesus’s coming.

RedeemedHippie>>>[This is such a fear tactic to get those who may want to take the time to test things, to follow these apostate teachings.]

We may have to endure the terror of the tribulation period or we may not make it in the gates of heaven. She claims on her website that we should read the book over and over.

RedeemedHippie>>>[This endorsesment of reading a book over and over instead ot the Word of God, is blasphemous and heretical. This is how cult thinking begins; repetition. The only safe Book to be in is the Word of God.]  It is interesting that in the foreward to the book, David Yonggi Cho writes the following, “Please do not consider this a theological thesis or a book on doctrine. Just read it and enjoy it as the author’s personal experience and testimony about what she has seen and heard in heaven.”

I suspect that Cho wrote that because even Cho can tell that the book is terribly flawed doctrinally. But his words are fascinating. We are supposed to accept the claims that this woman makes about her visits to heaven and her conversations with the Lord but we can’t accept the doctrine that the “Lord” actually speaks to her. Can you imagine saying that about any other Word from God?

Pastor ___________, Choo Thomas is a heretic and a false prophet in the first degree. I pray that the eyes of your friend will be opened to the truth.

Blessings as you battle for our Savior,

Pastor Keith Gibson

RedeemedHippie>>>[If you have read this and are familiar with Choo Thomas, run from her teachings. They are meant to deceive and rob you of truth. Test all things with the Word of God. All others are imposters and deceivers!]