Stacy Denboar a heretic pal of John Crowder, demonstrates on the kitchen floor a vile and disgusting display of sucking from the paps of God, while his wife films.

“I just want to lay my head on the breast of Jesus like John the beloved.”

His wife wickedly laughs.

“Lord I just ask that the living pap of ElShaddai would swing wide. We’re gonna nurse in heaven.”

This trying to compare John the Baptist as doing something so vile is wicked and blasphemy. It is also trying to make the church not a mature Bride but one of an infantile nature.  

Their child is in the background hollering, “I need to get some water. I need to get some water.”

Uh sorry little boy, daddy ain’t done acting the fool and blaspheming a Holy God. That water is gonna have to wait.