Suppossingly the woman on stage, receives a stigmata on her hands. She prays for a few people then wipes her hands on a red garment or something.

The male preacher endorses it by using the Word of God, “When I see the blood, I will pass.”

This is making man a mediator! Jesus said, “It is finished.” Nowhere are we taught or told that stigmata is a sign from heaven. Instead it is one that Catholisim has boasted in for centuries. What this means is Rome and its’ deceptions are entering the church!

She says, “If you could just see what I’m seeing. Some of you are going to be astonished at what’s going to come up out of your pictures.”

Whether she sees anything or not only she and God know. But that this does is make certain people look more annointed, more spiritual, above the rest. When this happens, people tend to check their brain in at the door and allow someone else have control over any discernment God may want to give them.

They will use the garment (though they do not show this part) that she wiped her hands on to wrap around people “quickly” as she tells the usher to do. This is to get people not to think, not to take the time to test anything. All those in cult-like behavior will use the word “quickly” to get in motion their agenda.

Part two is suppose to be gold on the Bibles. Uh huh, yeah, right.

Part three some kind of dance. Man on stage sings over and over, “Everyone in heaven is doing it. Everyone is heaven is doing it. so let’s do it too.” It is more mindless chanting called worship from the New Breed. God is so much more creative than this mindless tripe.

Part four [wrapped in a mantle of glory] goes back to the red garment and people allowing it to be wrapped around them. “Hover over them Lord. Let your glory hover over them.”

Part five appears to be snake handling.

Part six appears to be white angel feathers.

“I pray that signs and wonders fall on your life. Even the skeptics, even the pharaisees be touched and blessed…”

Pharaisee would mean anyone who would question any of these things at all, anyone who would dare to be a Berean. I guess I’m a Pharaisee then. Because I think you people are either so deluded or such fakes.