This is more mocking and blasphemy from Stacy Denboer. Everytime this man opens his mouth, a stupid spirit takes over his whole countenance. He has opened up so many doorways to delusions and lies I wonder if he’s aware of it at all.

There is so much mocking of the blood and the cross these days. The heretics have sensualized the gospel and made it one of self-gratification; as can be seen in the video. The apathetic, dumbing/numbing down of this man. The “high” that is suppose to represent spirituality.

“Whacked up on the blood of Jesus, high on the blood of Jesus.”

“Think of this: compress the infinite all powerful one. compres him down to eight pints of fluid and then stick a drop on your tongue and see what’s going to happen. Whoaa boy. Whoaa, sheww, I just got hit. Boing. Now there’s a second revelation I want to share real quick…”

THAT was a revelation?

“The closer you get to the throne, the more compressed, the more condensed the presence of god is. And the more condensed the presence of god is, the more life there is. Whoo, sheww, shaba…yeassss, the heaven, whoaa, just receive, it’s compressing hard right now. Feel that? The revelation of being seated with christ. The full condensed compressed, concentrated glory presence of god. Where sickenss can’t exist, no devil of hell can be near, no depression can exist. Where there’s nothing but pure undefiled life. Shoobah. Pure exctasy joy. Shewww. Oh man. I like how Jesus uses wine in communion. Drink cause this is my blood. Wine brings pleasure.”

He is insinuating the blood of Jesus equal to wine is meant to bring pleasure. THIS is such an abomination. The blood of Jesus was for the remission of sin. Not for our pleasure and certainly not for the sake of vile perverse and soulish drunkenness!

“Wine comes from fruit. and the more you drink of the wine of heaven the more fruit you do see pop…(pops his cheek)…in your life. Wheww, woaaa. Wine represents joy and celebration. Let’s celebrate. Jesus said it is finished. (Wipes his mouth with his hand like a drunk) What he said he meant. He made a way for full access to heaven. Let’s enjoy it.”

Oh yes, let us all partake of the heresy of this man and we all can become damned together.

Stacey Denboer, here’s another word Jesus said: On that day they will say, “Lord, Lord.” but I will say, depart from Me. I never knew you.

What He said, He meant.