exposing Mark Chironna fleecing the flock.

Chironna’s own words:

Sow a seed of $100 or more and I will send you an annointed red cloth to place under the pillow of a family member or a friend who is ill or someone (including yourself) of needing a deliverance.

You can even keep it in your pocket or purse for an ongoing faith anchor His impartation of blessing to you. We have numerous testimonies to the powerful transfer of God’s presence because of these prayer clothes.

Once I pray over them they sit in the atmosphere of our worship services for a season and SOAK up the GLORY that moves in our times of celebrations and miracles, and then we release them to carry God’s power to those in need.

There are hundreds of them right now sitting in a golden bowl in our auditorium for the last thirty days.

For you that God has released to give a gift of $200 or more, I will WEAR the prayer cloth while I am preaching and teaching before I send it to you just like the apostle Paul did. I will also include a personal note and a promise from God.

Have a blessed resurrection season. I look forward to your response. Together in love building a dream of destiny.

Dr. Mark J. Chironna

RedeemedHippie>>>[WHERE did any of the disciples sell a blessing or a healing? They never did. For anyone to even believe someone like Mark Chironna is capable of anything other than treachery and deceit is foolish indeed. Here’s a thought for Chironna and others who make merchandise of the gospel; why don’t you fakes go on down to the borders? I’m sure there are thousands of people you will have the chance to heal with all the plagues coming upon the world at some time or another.

If after watching this video and reading his words, and you still uphold the man, please ask yourself why? Who are you following? What kind of Jesus? STOP making excuses for heretics!