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I trust the few thoughts I share below will encourage your heart and stir up your faith. We see in part and prophesy in part—and this is a part of what I am seeing and hearing in the Spirit for 2009 and beyond. I trust it will mesh with the part the Lord is showing you!

RedeemedHippie>>>[No, it does not mesh with me at all. So one of us has to be wrong.]

It is the year of the woman. Women in ministry and leadership will be released globally across the body of Christ. The two righteous seeds of Michal Ann Goll and Jill Austin have been sown into the ground, and there will be a harvest of women in both spiritual and secular leadership arising to be champions of the poor, justice, prayer and creativity and flowing freely as the prophetic anointing increases.

RedeemedHippie>>>[“The two righteous seeds…”  What arrogance. What elitism. I’m sorry that these two women died, however it does not make their life of any greater importance than anyone else. How about the really righteous who have given up their lives in other nations for the TRUE gospel? Besides, the word of God says “there is none righteous, not one.” Our righteousness is as filthy rags. We are made righteous only by and through the blood of Jesus who was slain for the sins of the world.  As far as these two women; I can only hope they are in heaven. Some of us knew their teachings to be false, but only God knew the heart.

“A harvest of women.” Are we to think that because of two women who taught strange doctrine, that somehow something of a wonderful harvest is to come about? Prophetic annointingJesus is the Spirit of true prophecy. Not what these false teachers have taught and continue to teach.

…champions of the poor, justice, prayer and creativity. NO WHERE in the word of God are we taught such things. When John the Baptist came, he came preaching, “Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Goll’s declaration sounds more of a secular event than one of the true gospel.]

It is a time when the nine gifts and the nine fruits of the Spirit will come together.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Whaaat? Up until now, things have not been done the way God wanted them done? All those before us, did it wrong?]

Character to carry the gifts will be emphasized, and accountability that empowers will help create new wineskins for the new wine.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Me thinks he is referring to the Tod Bentley fiasco. Who is going to be accountable to who? How about the great ones in the star studded church being accountable to the church for a change? Stop teaching heresies and lies would be a great start.]

It is a time when love will have a say. Ministerial groups will freshly come together, promoting the love of God versus a political system of competition. Love L.A.! Love Phoenix! Love Minneapolis! Love Atlanta! Love Dallas! Love New York! Love Seattle! Love Cleveland! Love Nashville! Love (name your city)! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! One morning I heard the Holy Spirit singing to me, “All we need is love!”

RedeemedHippie>>>[Seems like I’ve heard that tune at another time in my life. Do the Beatles sound familiar, hmmm? Love is good. Truth is better. For true love will preach and teach the unadultered word of God with no compromise.] 

It is the time of the realignment of the nations for good and evil. Territorial spirits of darkness are realigning themselves. Some of the old dark ways of communism are beginning to resurface in both old and new places, wedded with strong totalitarianism and militant Islam. Be alert and watchful!

RedeemedHippie>>>[Be alert to what? Terroists? Dirty bombs? Yes, be alert to all things. INCLUDING false prophets. The word of God makes it clear that one day ALL nations will turn against Israel. ANY nation will be evil to commit such a thing. Not to say, how the nations have already become evil in and of themselves. NOTE: the word realignment is often used in the occult.]

It is the time when Israel will become a heavy stone. It is the time of Zechariah 12:1-3, when Jerusalem becomes a heavy stone for all who touch her in an ungodly manner. The jealousy of God will arise against those nations who attempt to divide Jerusalem. What God has joined together, let no man separate!

RedeemedHippie>>>[This much is true!]

It is the time when the Josephs are released from prison. Men and women tried in the fiery furnaces of testing will begin to emerge in this hour across the nations of the earth. They will have the spirit of wisdom and excellence resting on their lives. Humility will be their outstanding characteristic.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Really? Does that mean the TRUE Josephs–those imprisoned right now for the TRUE gospel–will be released from their real prison? If God wants to free so many in this hour, would not the first be those in real prisons? The Word of God says in the last days men will be proud. And yes, I believe that means the apostate church also. Especially the apostate church.] 

It is a time for property procurement. For some, it is a time to purchase property, land and gold. It is a time when wise investments now will pay off later. Whole strip malls and department stores will go up for sale, and the discerning and wise will purchase property (in certain situations) for a dime on the dollar.

RedeemedHippie>>>[BE CAREFUL of anyone telling you to buy and/or sell. Seek God out for yourself and see what HE would tell you during this time.] 

It is a time when … justice writers will be released throughout the nations. This will become more than the latest theme or fad in the body of Christ. Even as the Wesleyans had their circuit riders, there will now be global justice writers who through the influence of the pen will undo the injustices of the past.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Whaaat? Through the influence of the pen undo justices? Jesus sets men free and only Jesus. It is an issue of the heart. Not to say that this declaration is just so stupid.]

It is a time when the church will receive the spirit of adoption. We will receive a spirit of adoption that will cause us to enjoy and embrace people from backgrounds that are different from what we are accustomed to. New faith-based adoption agencies will come into being, bringing about a solution to the abortion industry.

RedeemedHippie>>>[We already received the spirit of Adoption when we were grafted into the vine! His words here are blatant heresy. To tell those who already have the spirit of adoption such a thing, will have people dependent upon the false prophets to tell them every little thing. And are we to embrace those who are so different at the risk of compromise? I smell one world religion here. A solution to the abortion industry? I doubt it very much. Evil will abound and the love of many will wax cold.]

It is a time when a major turn is taken to begin the end of the worldwide child sex-trade slavery industry. I have seen a major sex-trade slavery ring being broken up for the glory of God in southeast Asia. This will have ripple effects around the world, and the dominos will begin to tumble! God has on His heart a movement in which “every child has a dream fulfilled.”

RedeemedHippie>>>[God has on His heart a movement in which “every child has a dream fulfilled.” Sorry, I don’t believe it. John the Baptist did NOT come preaching, “Come and let God full fill all your dreams.” God is more concerned about repentance and holiness. Goll’s words sound more like those of Martin Luther King and Barrack Hussein Obama. They sound secular, political–not one of a man of God concerned about souls. Same tone as “no child left behind.”]

It is a time for the resurrection of the dead, both physically and spiritually. Yes, this is the time for the resurrection of the dead. Whole churches that have been given up for “dead” spiritually will be revived through the spirit of prophecy and intercession. And people will be physically raised from the dead in various locations; the news will spread, and the world will marvel.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Like when Tod Bentely raised those from the dead and NOT ONE case can be verified. What bunk! Having a bunch of false apostate leaders leading this stuff does not make me think or believe any such thing!]

It is a time when the Holy Spirit will give out wings for you to fly higher than you have ever been before. I hear the Holy Spirit saying, “Soar to new heights!” Yesterday’s seeming defeats will be turned into tomorrow’s peaks. It is time to fly higher than you have ever flown before. New heights of delighting in God are yours through authentic, pure worship.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Maybe we all can find that eagle that Patricia King flew on and really sore. Heck, maybe we can even be translated back and forth to China like Josh Mills. Pure worship? Not from this crowd.]

It is a time when the connection between Revelation 3:20 and Revelation 4:1 is seen and manifested. The key of intimacy to open heavens is being offered. Some will take this for themselves as individuals and some for their congregations. But the Lord is looking for those who will answer the knock at the door for an entire city or region and welcome a glorious invasion of divine visitation.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Opening heavens is being offered? These things are occultic, precious Bride of Christ. Invasion of divine visitation? Prepare for great delusions coming upon the earth. Do not be decieved. Your adversay the devil walks about seeking whom he can destroy.]

It it a time for spontaneous healings to break forth in the atmosphere of high praise. Electric praise will come forth, and the hand of God will be released to move across entire assemblies, and spontaneous healings and miracles will break out. It is break-out time for the Holy Spirit wherever high praises are released from His people!

RedeemedHippie>>>[Remember who is saying these things. Go back and see the things this man and his cohorts have taught. See for yourselves if they have lined up with the word of God. Prepare for a great delusion in the days to come! Lucifer comes as an angel of light.]