A new GPS micro chip capable of tracking us, can also emit Cyanide to kill us.  The chip can carry all of our medical information along with anything else the government would need to keep us in bondage to them.

For the very conservative this would be against everything they stand for. For the very liberal, this would be their dream come true; having government take care of their every need. For the Christian this is anti-christ.

But for all of us; once implanted in you, the government will have all rights to you. You will not be able to run or hide as they will know where you are at all time. Tick them off and they will be able to release the poison through your body and you will die a horrible death.

You will go to hell. The Word of God talks about a mark given in the hand or forehead in the last days. Those who take it are doomed. People will not be able to buy or sell without it. To take this mark is entrusting government to be your god.

At 5:20 the news commentator flippantly says concerning the critics, “This is the way to lull us all in a false sense of security. To get these things and then the next thing you know…the whole world is taken over.”

“There’s no conspiracy,” says another one.

Yeah, right. We all can sleep much better being reassured by the likes of deceivers and the deceived.

Suppossingly we are told the patent has been denied.

I don’t believe it. Do you?