Recently a friend of mine was in a hospital doing a side job. He happened to go pass the nursery and saw tiny babies in dire need of a healing touch from God. He overheard a couple of nurses say some of the babies might die. My friend– a tender-hearted man of God–went to the nurses and asked if he could pray for the babies. They told him yes and led him to the incubators where the wee ones lay. 

My friend did not have to tell me his feelings at that time. I know him well enough to know it broke his heart to see those precious ones laying there at the mercy of God. He prayed for them and asked if he could come back. The nurses were a little taken back (by his nerve, I suppose) but told him it would be ok.

As he told me this story, I could see the Father’s heart in him and the love of God in his eyes.

Here is a man–a nobody by today’s star-struck church standards–but in God’s eyes, he is some special kind of guy. You see he wasn’t looking for applause of man nor did he need a white suit or a fancy band whipping up his emotions for some kind of annointing.

Silver or gold had he none. He doesn’t have some big fancy ministry nor his own private jet and neither does he live in a mansion. He wasn’t peddling any cheap wares and he was not expecting anything in return; other than a merciful loving God to hear his plea for these little ones.

Will the babies be healed? Will they live? Only God knows. But I have to believe the Lord heard my friend’s prayers for these precious ones at His mercy.

Within the apostate church– it seems the more shiney you are, the more embellishments you can add to a story–and I do mean story (lie), the fancier your suit or in some cases the more you can look and sound like the world–all in the name of presenting the gospel–the teaching that if you just speak the right words and create your own reality, God will bless you and give you the riches of the world. (Tell that to the suffering in Africa and other remote places in the world.)

I was thinking about my friend and what he did; how it is such a contrast between him–a simple man of God–compared to the rich and famous in God’s kingdom who go here and there with their caravans of followers and servants.

The swine flu seems to be a real dud right now. But one day we may  begin to see real plaques come upon this godless land. When we do, I challenge all the “faith” healers of today; Tod Bentley, Benny Hinn, Richard Roberts, Rodney Howard Brown etc…to run to the worst places of sickness and begin your work as faith healers.

May the rest of the church take notice how they respond.