I believe Rick Joyner is covering his butt here for future screw ups from Tod Bentley.

He says TB says sitting with a reporter and answering questions has helped him more than anything.

RJ says they are not rushing TB and that he is being used very little.

TB’s whole concept of ministry is changing. What about his teachings? Has that changed any? Is he going to come back with the same lies and heresies?

Oddly enough at the end of the video he begins to talk about the swine flu. Telling us the main reason for Lakeland is that we have to know Jesus so we can have authority over the flu when it hits greatly. My thought on that is well, we all can just go get a touch from the apostates and be healed now can’t we? I wonder if any of them will even be found during such a time.

The maker of the video pretty much hits it on the head: Rick Joyner seems to have heard peoples comments about how much time seems to spent making videos and how little time seems to spent on “restoration”. Now he tells us Todd is actually writing a book!! NO counseling or real help involved. They gotta keep Todd out there in the public eye. They must convince us that Lakeland was “a move of God” rather then the 3 ring circus it was. When real revival comes folks people REPENT!! They don’t marry their mistresses!!