When the wicked grieve for the wicked, they will make up all kinds of beliefs to comfort themselves into believing a loved one went to heaven. It does not matter to them if their loved one lived like a devil on the face of the earth. They will disregard the facts that their loved one may have been one who was a liar, cheat, drunkard, homosexual, thief, adultress, fornicator, etc. Even if they were a murderer, it will not matter to them. Such as in the case of Maury Tiller whose abortionist father murdered thousands and thousands of babies in his lifetime before he was shot dead in his church.

For the record: I do not gloat over the death of George Tiller. I have lost many loved ones and to this day question if they made it into heaven. The fact that they were a loved one, loved by many does not matter. The question is, did they love God? If I saw no evidence of it in their life, I can not assume everyone of them is in heaven right now.

Many nights I have laid in bed, tormented of the fact that they could be in hell. I find nothing funny about hell. And I would never give anyone a false assurance of going to heaven. There is only one way; Jesus.

The wicked make up euologies to comfort themselves: Tiller was remembered for his generosity and sense of humor. 

“Who had a more boisterous, heartfelt laugh than George Tiller?”

It means nothing now. It matters not how generous he was or how funny he was in this lifetime. One thing is for certain; he can not buy his way into heaven and he is not laughing right now!

He was remembered for his passion. His passion was one of killing babies.

A wreath of flowers with the words “TRUST WOMEN” was at the funeral.

If Tiller had put his trust in God, he would not be burning in hell right now.

God says without holiness none can see the Lord. Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life. There is no other way except through Me that man can come to the Father.” Jesus does not lie. So if Jesus does not lie, then is man right to believe that his loved ones–whether they loved or honored God or not– go to heaven?

Maury Tiller said regarding his father, “I struggle with the manner he was welcomed into heaven.”

What? He didn’t like the fact that his father was shot? Maury Tiller, your compassion is in the wrong place. If the thousands of babies that your father butchered could speak out they would cry out they did not like the manner they were welcomed in heaven; ripped out and shredded piece by piece out of their mothers’ womb by your father. But unlike your father, they are NOT burning in hell, like your father.

I’m sure someone somewhere will say to me, “How do you get by saying Tiller did not go to heaven. You did not know his heart.” I ask you, how can you say he did? His actions showed what was in his heart. He was a murderer and the Word of God says, no murderer has eternal life in him. Unless, there is reason to believe that Tiller had a major change of heart, I have no reason at all to believe this vile wicked man went to heaven.

Oh you wicked son of a wicked father, what makes you think that God will except your loved one when your loved one murdered thousands of thousands of babies in the womb? Oh you wicked, what makes you believe the lie that your father was justified in the horrendous sin he committed against a Holy God and that heaven opened it’s arms for him?!

Tiller’s daughter recalled how her father loved “Star Trek,” and gave her a framed poster of Trekkie sayings for her apartment, which he promised her would bring her success if she read them each day before going out. Among his favorites were: “Live long and prosper,” and, “When you go out to the universe remember, boldly go where no man has gone before.”

Little good did the teachings of Star Trek do Tiller in his life time. The wicked man only passed on more of an empty legacy to his daughter. “Live long and prosper.” How empty and vain when one has not allowed Jesus to be Lord in their life. It does not matter now if Tiller the murderer of babies lived long or prospered in this lifetime. Thank God, there are doctors who have not boldly gone where this evil man had gone in committing the atrocities he committed.

“Dear God, get heaven ready, because Mr. Enthusiasm is coming,” said Larry Borcherding. “Heaven will never be the same. It will be a better, better place with George in it.”

This belief that everyone goes to heaven is Universalism. If heaven will be a better place because of evil wicked men like Tiller then there is no true justice. But thank God, who is a just judge, unlike those of the earth. God sees and knows all and He WILL judge. 

Oh how the wicked are in deception and how they deceive! Comfort yourselves with lies and abominations, you wicked! Comfort yourselves in vain. You dare to create and image of God that is a lie! Woe unto you who call evil good and good evil!

What does the Word of God say of the wicked?  The Lord laughs at him, for He sees that his day is coming. Psalm 37:13

George Tiller when he took his very last breath, stood and bowed before a Holy God. 

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.