Karla Faye Tucker; the first woman to be executed in Texas in over 100 years. She had been on drugs the night of her horrendous crime and murdered her victims with an ax.

This post is not to exonerate her. It is not about trying to clear her of her crime. It is simply one of telling the story of a life from one of wickedness and sin to one of repentence and redemption.

Karla Faye Tucker found the truth when she met Jesus Christ. Hers is not a story of jailhouse religion in hopes that she would be released if all she had to do was pretend she got religion. No. She did not find religion. She found a living Savior who was able to redeem the rest of her life on this earth.

When it came time for her to be executed she ran to the gurney and laid down. She knew. She knew she would soon meet her Maker and she was ready. God had more mercy on her than she had on her victims. That is the kind of God He is–Merciful.

The movie below tells her story. It comes in 14 parts. This is the first part and the rest may be found here also. on the sidebar.

May God bless you as you see how He can and did redeem a womans’ life.