Jim Jones Death Tape (Part 1)


Those in the media back in the late 70s when this happened, wanted to blame “religion” for this horriffic crime. They can not do that anymore. This was socialism at work. For more information, pick up the book “Raven” by Tim Reiterman.

Cults have fascinated me for many years. From Hitler, to Charles Manson, to Jim Jones–and all those before and after. Even, the one that led me to the Lord. Yes, that is right. It was a cult that led me to the Lord. I was one of the fortunate ones; God saved me from it within a short while after coming to Him. He wasn’t about to let me go to a cult after delivering me out of the occult.  Not everyone is that blessed. I could have easily been one of those who looked upon Jim Jones or Charles Manson as some great one, such as their followers did. I could have easily been led astray into lies and false doctrines as their followers were. But God had such mercy on me. Why? I’m not any better than those who are deceived into thinking someone is some great one. It is simply because God will have mercy on who He will have mercy.

Even though you can see the video above for yourself, I have posted parts of the transcript below to point out the deceptions of this man. It is never too late to come to the truth–unless you drink the kool-aid. No pun intended. There is nothing humorous about the Jim Jones tragedy.

The ONLY way it could have been prevented–was not from government and congressmen getting involved; but from the truth of God being proclaimed. I often wonder how many of these people had Christians in their life that spoke truth to them. Did any of them? And if they had, why did they not listen? It could only be because they were in great deception and would rather believe lies.

The lie that Jim Jones was a god to them. The lie that they could create heaven on earth. The lie that there was no god. All these things are anti-christ. Jim Jones was anti-christ, such as were his followers; unless, they were able to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ before their gruesome death.

Keep in mind when you hear his voice; it is a devil speaking through him. The devil is a liar and the father of all lies.

Parts of transcript:

Jones: How very much I have loved you. How much I have tried my best to give you a good life.

(Applause from the crowd)

RedeemedHippie>>>[He has already set himself up as God, here. Preparing them for loyalty to him. Preparing the people that he will be a martyr. And the poor people love it so.]

Jones: In spite of all that I have tried, a handfull of our people with their lies have made our lives impossible.

RedeemedHippie>>>[He sets the people up as one to believe the lie that they are victims. He is beginning to take away any hope they may have. Also notice he uses the word “I.” Never mind the hundreds who built that place with the sweat of their brow and devotion to him.]

Jones: We are sitting here waiting on a powder keg.

RedeemedHippie>>>[He gives them great cause to fear.]

Jones: It was said by the greatest of prophets,…, no man takes my life from me, I lay my life down.

(Cries from the crowd.)

RedeemedHippie>>>[He is setting himself up as Jesus.]

Jones: But you can’t steal people’s children.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Jones was the one who stole children. Parents were not allowed to raise their own children in his group. So he does what a good socialist does, he turns around his own doings, twisting things to his advantage.]

Jones: You can’t take off with people’s children without expecting a violent reaction. And that’s no so unfamiliar to us either. Even if we were judeo-christian, if we weren’t communists, the world…sufferest violence and the violence will take it by force.

RedeemedHippie>>>[He admits they were not christian. He admits they were communists! He even quotes the Word of God. So if one can merely quote the Bible does that make them a follower of Jesus? No. Satan knows the scriptures very well.]

Jones: If we can’t live in peace. Then let’s die in peace.

(Great shouts and applause)

RedeemedHippie>>>[Those who applauded and shouted just gave more power to the enemy of their soul. I wonder here; how many were thinking it was just another white night and they would soon be released to go back to their shack and allowed to go to bed. I wonder how many did not shout and applause and what they were thinking. Surely, there had to be some that God was revealing himself to, as they were about to die.]

Jones: We have been so betrayed. We have been so terribly betrayed.

RedeemedHippie>>>[He uses the word ‘we” to bring a spirit of camerderie among his followers. He sets them up for more victimhood.]

Jones: If this only worked one day, it was worth while.


RedeemedHippie>>>[No. Not if it was getting ready to take the lives of 1,800 (?) people. No, it is not worth dying for just because it did not work.

He then tells them about what is to take place at the air strip. He is pretending to be aprophet here. He lets on like some great power told him before the fact.]

Jones: Plane is going to come down in the jungle and we had better not have any of our children left when it is over. Cause they’ll parachute in here on us. I’m telling you as plain as I know how to tell you. I’ve never lied to you. Never never lied to you.

Redeemdhippie>>>[He plays on their emotions and loyalty to him. He never lied to them? Jim Jones’s father was Satan. The devil was speaking through him even then, preparing to take as many to hell as he could within the hour!]

Jones: So my opinion is, we be kind to children and we be kind to seniors. Take the potion like they used to take in ancient greece. Step over quietly. Cause we are not committing suicide. It’s a revolutionary act. We can’t go back. They won’t leave us alone.

RedeemedHippie>>>[First he uses the most defensless among them to appear kind and caring; the children and the seniors. He begins to prepare them to die. It is not suicide? Liar! A revolutionary act? Liar! He is binding them together as one with his words. He instills more paranoia in his followers leaving them with no hope. Step over quietly??? I shudder to think of the ones who took the kool-aid believing this, only to be thrown into the arms of devils and demons!] 

Jones: They’ll go back and tell more lies which will mean more congressmen and there’s no way, no way we can survive.

RedeemedHippie:>>>[He takes away more hope–instilling more fear in them. What does God’sWord say? It says, “Perfect love casts out all fear.” Jim Jones had no perfect love in him.]

Jones: Anyone who has a dissenting opinion? Please speak.

(Somene speaks but inaudible)

Jones: You’re going to have an opportunity but if we have any children left, we’re going to have them butchered.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Did he say what I thought? That if there were any children left, “we’re going to have them butchered.” We? As in them? What did any sane parent think at those words?]

(He passes blame)

Jones: The people in San Fransico will not be idle. They’ll not take our death in vain, you know.

Redeemdhippie>>>[Preparing them to be martyrs. I wonder how many were wishing they were in San Fransico?]

Christine Miller, one lone courageous woman stands up– only to be ridiculed at some point: Is it too late for Russia?

He sounds hopeless in telling her it is too late for Russia.

Jones: Do you think I’m gonna deliver them to you all? Not on your life. I’ve lived for all and I’ll die for all.

[Shouts of admiration]

RedeemedHippie>>>[He plays on their loyalty to him by pretending to be loyal to them.]

Jones: I was living on hope for a long time, Christine. You always have been a good agitator and I like agitation because you have to teach two sides on an issue. Two sides to a question. …these people going to make our life worse than a hell. Make the Russians not accept us…We are done in as far as any alternative.]

RedeemedHippie>>>[He plays on Christine Miller’s past loyalty to him. Hoping to still bind her to himself.]

Christine: I feel like we make an airlift to Russia. That’s what I say. I don’t feel nothing is impossible.

Jones: Check Russia and see if they take us, otherwise we die. But for me death is not a fearful thing. It’s living that’s treacherous.

(Shouts and applause)

RedeemedHippie>>>[With his words he has just alienated Christine Miller. As any good follower at that moment would have sided with him.]

Jones: Christine it’s not worth living like this.

Christine Miller: I think there were too few people who left for twelve hundrend people to give their lives.

RedeemedHippie>>>[I can’t but help believe this was one woman who was beginning to see the truth.]

Jones: Do you think Russia is going to want us? Do you think they’re going to want us with all this stigma? We had some value but now we don’t have any value.

Christine Miller: I don’t see it like that. I don’t feel like that. I feel like as long as there is life, there is hope. That’s my faith.

RedeemedHippie>>>[One lone woman; one brave soul.]

Jones: Everybody dies. Someplace that hope runs out becasue everybody dies. I haven’t seen anybody yet that didn’t die. I’ld like to chose my own kind of death for a change. I’m tired of being tormented to hell, that’s what I’m tired of. Tired of it.


Is Annointing Our Homes with Oil Scriptural ?


If the act of annointing our home with oil is not in the Bible, then why do it? This practice is something that man invented, not God. I believe it is something that comes from Catholisim. I am far from being Catholic, therefore I won’t be doing their rituals. It is a man made ritual if not found in the Word of God.

Many people will compare it to Israel putting blood on the door posts so death would pass over them. You can not compare it as being the same thing. There is no replacement for the blood of Christ. His blood and His blood alone atones for sins. The practice that most charasmatics have today of “annointing” their home with oil, is a cheap imitation and counterfeit to the real thing.

I used to annoint every window and every wall in my home. Why? Because that is what I was taught. For years I went around like some crazy exorist commanding demons to flee while thinking my action was making my Father in heaven notice how much “faith” I had; and if He noticed, then He would do what I wanted.

Finally one day, something dawned on me: The night before I had watched a movie out of curiosity. It was a horror movie full of demonic images and demons. It scared the day lights out of me and I went to bed with the lights on that night. The next morning, I was still afraid. I got the oil and began rebuking all over the place–commanding demons to flee. What was wrong with that picture? I should have been more concerned about repenting than just trying to find an easy way out of making all my fear go away.

All the oil in the world would not have made my fear go away that day. It wouldn’t have mattered if I had a truck load of it and dumped it on my entire house. Exhausted and terrified, finally, I cried out something like this, “Oh God, how could I? How could I go back and do the things that You brought me out of? I have sinned! I have sinned before You! No one else saw me watch the movie, but You did. I even knew I was grieiving Your Holy Spirit, but I went and did it anyway. Please forgive me for what I did against You. If I never feel your peace again, it would serve me right. There is nothing I can do and I dare not try to fix this. You alone are the only One who can clean me up now. Please take away the horrible images in my head. Please have mercy on me and forgive me once again.”

Too many times, by annointing everything around me, I was trying to get my Father’s approval by being “spiritual.” Look at me Lord, I am using my faith. I bet I am one of your favorite kids, right, God?

No, I was not using my faith. I was using a ritual. Trusting in MY act, rather than one of trusting in God. What if one were somewhere in a prison cell where there would be no oil? What then? One would have to trust in Jesus and Jesus alone.

Too many times, it was just an excuse not to repent. After all, if I could fix my situation by putting oil everywhere, why would I need Jesus? I could go about my buisness after running from room to room, pretending I repented (But God knows) until the next time I wanted to get the oil out and cover my sin.

Now I know there is someone right now out there, who would say, “But you did it wrong. That’s not what it is about.” Maybe so, but I can tell you, that right now, there is someone somewhere who knows exatly what I am talking about and to that person I would simply say, “Stop trying to cover up your sin. Repent, for pete sake’s. God does not expect you to run all over your home trying to make it holy. Just repent.”

This ritual is also one of making the user look spiritual. It causes a dependence upon the annointer. Making them look a little higher than the one in need of prayer. It makes it look as if the annointer has all power to make demons flee. There is only One who has the power to make demons flee and that is Jesus Christ the Son of God, God Himself.

And yes, we are called to lay hands on the sick and to annoint them with oil. Yes, we are called to cast out demons, however, it is only through Jesus Christ. Taking oil and smearing it on every wall in the house is not an act of faith. That act is no better than the Word/Faith movement putting their faith in their words to create their own reality.

Repentence is a true act of faith. Repentence trusts in God. It will say, “Oh God, I messed up. I sinned before heaven and earth. I sinned when no one else saw me sin. But you did oh Lord, you did. I can not hide from You. There is nothing I can do but ask for forgiveness. Please forgive me!” No amount of oil will ever replace the blood of Jesus.

Some time ago, I was on a site and noticed someone had written something about christians annointing every thing around them. The writer was able to simply convey the truth. It was confirmation to me. I was excited, yes! Yippie! I was free! I would no longer have to go around and try to look spiritual to my fellow brothers and sisters. I would no longer have to try and get my Father’s approval by running all through my home annointing every window, door and wall. Jesus said, “It is finished.” If Jesus said, “It is finished,” then that is what He means.

“It is finished.” What wonderful and beautiful words! There is nothing I can add to that. Thank God, there is nothing I can add to that, for surely if I could, I would mess things up!

Thank you Jesus, even now, for the blood that was shed for the likes of me! You are worthy of all honor and praise! You are more than enough!

Judging verses Discerning, Is There A Difference?

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Youtube video by Carpentersdaughter2 from youtube has made an excellent video explaining the difference between judging and discerning.