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Most of the transcript follows:

Jones: I’ve got people’s lives in my hands and I certainly don’t want your life in my hands. I’m gonna tell you Christine without me, life has no meaning.

(Great shouts and applause)

RedeemedHippie>>>[With his first sentence he KNEW he had them. He KNEW he had their lives in his hands. The next sentence–what arrogance! What pride! What delusions! And the people went along with him. People want to say over the years this was “religion.” Well, yes, it was–in a way. Anytime anyone sets themselves up as a messiah or savior, and when people worship them, it DOES become a religion. But it is far from Christianity.

Lucifer was speaking through Jim Jones. Lucifer was cast out of heaven because of his pride, because of trying to make himself greater than he was. It was the very same spirit in Jim Jones on that awful day. It is one of anti-christ. The people applauded his lies. How sad. How very sad. They had believed Jone’s lies for so long they could not even know the truth. God says in his Word that when we do not have a love for the truth He will send a delusion. It is part of judgment. These people could not see truth because they had no love for truth.]

Jones: I’m the best thing, you’ll ever have.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Once again such arrogance and pride. Jones was a liar. The best thing for any of those people would have been if they had been able to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and get out the heck out of there.

He plays on any loyalty, sub-consciously reminding them what all he did for them. They were the ones who had to give their all to him; friends, family, their complete trust and loyalty, their children, homes, jobs, money– everything!  Jones sacrificed nothing of himself all those years he was building his kingdom!]   

Jones: I’m standing with you the people. They’re part of me…I never detached myself from any of your troubles. I’ve always taken your troubles right on my shoulders. And I’m not gonna change that now. It’s too late. I’ve been running too long. I’m not gonna change now.


RedeemedHippie>>>[He really is saying nothing that any other cult leader has never said. He says it with passion and plays on their emotions. Causing them to unite even more to him. He manipulates them in believing it is all about his loyalty to them, but it is really about their loyalty to them.] 

Jones: What I’m talking about now is a dispensation of judgment. This is a revolutionary suicide council. I’m not talking self destruction. We have no other road.]

Redeemedhippie>>>[He is a liar. It was self destruction. Change the meaning to words and you can get anyone to believe anything. He also is taking away more hope.]

Jones: I’ll take your call and we will put it to the Russians and I can tell you now the answer because I am a prophet. Call the Russians and see if they’ll take us.

RedeemedHippie>>>[His arrogance once again is not only appauling, but wickedly deceitful. A true christian would have been able to see he was no prophet.]

Christine Miller: I’m not afraid to die.

Jones: No, I don’t think you are. I don’t think you are.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Was this the man Jones speaking or was it Satan? Either way, Jones knew she was upsetting his plans by her even questioning his greatness. He had to appeal to any pride or loyalty to him she may have had.]

Christine: But I …look at the babies and I think they deserve to live.

RedeemedHippie>>>[One lone brave courageous soul out of the whole bunch! And not one soul listened to her. Unbelievable!]

Jones: I agree. But once much more, they deserve peace.


RedeemedHippie>>>[He manages to eliminate the truth she spoke by sounding so caring for the babies. And the people applauded him, completely forgetting Christine Miller’s words.]

Christine: We all came her for peace.

Jones: Have we had it?

(Some shouts of “No.”

Christine: No

Jones: I tried to give it to you, I laid down my life practically. I practically died every day to give you peace and you’re still not having any peace and you look better than what I’ve seen you in a long while but it’s still not the kind of peace I wanted to give you. A person’s a fool to continue to stay when you’re losing.

Redeemedhippie>>>[Once again, it is all about him. He is their messiah, their savior and oh he tried so hard. Notice how he tells her she looks good. BUT it is still not good enough. Not in his eyes. This is another form of manipulation as it may cause her to maybe even question her own judgement. Then he more or less calls her a fool! Which immediately causes her to lose any credibility among her peers. This too is manipulation.]

(Talk about the plane)

Christine: When you, when we destroy ourselves, we’re defeated.

Redeemedhippie>>>[Was this a slip of the tongue here? Was she getting ready to say when you destroy us? Only God knows.] 

Jones: Did you see I live to fight no more forever?

Christine: Yes, I saw it.

Jones: Did you not have some sense of pride and victory in that man that he would not subject himself to the will and whim of people who tell they’re gonna come in and whenever they please, push into our house, come when they please, take who they want to, talk who they want to. Is that living? That’s not living to me.

(Shouts of agreement)

Redeemedhippie>>>[He uses the movie as an example, as the movie was something they all had in common. He continues to instill fear and take away all hope.]

Jones: That’s not freedom. That’s not the kind of freedom I sought.

Christine: But I think when they made their mistake is when they stopped to rest. If they had gone on they would have made it. But they stopped to rest.

(A man steps forward and speaks to Christine)

Man: Sister, it’s over. We’ve made that day. We made a beautiful day. And let’s make it a beautiful day.

(Shouts of “yes!” and applause)

Jones: We win when we go down then they have no one else to hate…There’s nobody else to hate…I’m speaking here, not as an administrator, I’m speaking as a prophet today. I wouldn’t step in this seat and talk so serious if I didn’t know what I was talking about…But I can not separate myself from the pain of my people. You can’t either, Christine if you stop and think about it. You can’t separate yourself. We’ve walked too long together.]

Redeemedhippie>>>[By setting himself up as a prophet, he can say anything he wants and make people believe it is the truth. He pretends he has such love for the people by saying he can not seperate himself from them. He sets her up for the same thing by saying she can not seperate herself either. (If she does, she no longer will appear loyal to him and the others.)

Christine: I know that but I still think as an individual I have a right to…

Redeemdhippie>>>[This woman is thinking for herself now and she is in the fight of her life. In socialism/communism that is not allowed. IF there were others who remotely thought like her, they should have spoken up. But they did not. Their worship of Jones was too great. They still cared about what he thought about them!]

Jones: You do and I’m listening.

Redeemedhippie>>>[Yes, he was listening but he was not hearing her. Besides, he knew someone would come to his defense. Which is exactly what happened.]

Chrisitne: …to what I think, what I feel. And I think we all have the right to our own destiny as individuals.

Jones: Right.

Christine: And I think I have the right to choose mine and everybody else has the right to choose theirs.

Jones: Umhum. Umhum…I’m not criticizing…what’s that?

(Woman speaks against Christine)

Christine: I still think I have a right to my own opinion.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Anytime where you have a dictator, it is NOT allowed to have a different opinion!]

(Crowd is angry)

Jones: I’m not taking it from you. I’m not taking it from you.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Liar! He knew exactly what was going to happen. Did he tell her she could leave? No!

What follows next is completely mind-blowing; to think anyone would think this way about another human being. ]

Man: Christine, you’re only standing here because he is here in the first place. So I don’t know what you’re talking about, having your individual rights. Your life has been extended to the day that you‘re standing there, because of him.

(Shouts of adulation)

RedeemedHippie>>>[Now I DARE anyone to call me this was christianity at work. It was not!]

Jones: She has as much right to speak as anyone else…you will regret this very day if you don’t die. You’ll regret it even if you don’t die. You’ll regret it.

Redeemdhippie>>>[He pretends he is giving her freedom. Only to go on and instill more fear and intimidation.]

Christine: (inaudible)

Jones: I saved them, I saved them but I made my example. I made my concession. I made my manifestation and the world was ready, not ready for me.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Luicfer speaking right through him! It was anti-christ spirit.]

Jones: Paul said, as a man born out of due season. I’ve been born out of due season just as like all we are. And the best testimony we can make is to leave this god d— world!


RedeemedHippie>>>[And if that wasn’t Satan, tell me what it was?! To think he gets applause! To think every last one of them would not or could not speak out. All but Christine Miller, that is.]

The crowd becomes angry with Christine. She is verbally being abused and challenged by a woman. Christine asks for permission to talk. And then…

Something very odd here at 6:28: This voice is either warped because of the age of the tape or it sounds like a devil, “It’s not proper to tell your leader what to do.”

(The crowd agrees)

Jones: I’m listening to you. You asked me to make a call to Russia. I’m making a call to Russia. What MORE do you suggest?

RedeemedHippie>>>[No evidence of him making a call to Russia.]

(The crowd is still put out with Christine)

Angry Woman: We won’t do any f—— good in Russia. God d— it!

Jones: Lay down your burdens. I’m gonna lay down my burdens. Down by the riverside. So we lay them down here in Guyana. What’s the difference?


Jones: No man didn’t take our life, right now….But when they start parachuting out of the air, they’ll start shooting some of our innocent babies…I don’t want to see this, Christine. Cause they gotta shoot me to get through to some of these people. I’m not letting them take you, John. Are you gonna let them take you John?

(Shouts of no)

RedeemedHippie>>>[ Jones is pretending allegiance to these people.]

Christine asks increduously: You mean you want to see John die? (Jones’ small son)

Jones: What’s that?

Christine: You mean you want to see John, the little one…”

(Crowd becomes more enraged at Christine)

Jones: I want to…peace, peace, peace, peace, peace. (Trying to calm the crowd)

A woman asks Christine: Are you saying that he thinks more of him than other children here? That’s what you’re saying.

Jones: Do you think I would put Johns life above others?………….

Christine: He’s young.

Jones: I know but he’s no different than any of these children here. He’s just one of my children. I don’t prefer one above another…I can’t do that. I can’t separate myself from your actions. If you done something wrong I would stand with you. If they wanted to come and get you they would have to take me.

Man runs up: We’re all ready to go. If you tell us we have to give our lives now. We’re ready. I’m pretty sure all my sisters and brothers are with me.

(Shouts of acceptance)

Jones: Someone has tried to keep this thing from happening but I now see it’s the will, it’s the will of a sovereign being that’s happened to us. Now we lay down our lives in protest against what’s being done…did you notice who walked out today? Mostly white people…the white people walks. I’m so grateful for the ones who didn’t….There’s no point to this. We are born before our time. They won’t accept us. And I don’t think we should sit here and take any more time for our children to be endangered…they come after our children…then our children will suffer forever.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Being the good socialist that he was, he knew EXACTLY how to bring division among his people and still have their loyalty. He got them mad at the whites who desired to leave and live, causing a greater allegiance to himself!]