I’m reminded of one of the plagues of Egypt!

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(The Whitehouse has ) actual flies swarming the place, confounding housekeepers, irritating aides, even trying to feast on the president. During an East Room interview with John Harwood for CNBC and The New York Times on Tuesday, a giant fly orbited Mr. Obama’s head.

White House staff members report that they and their boss have been routinely bothered by the bugs, and have seen the First Exterminator personally enforcing a no-fly zone in the West Wing.

White House officials say that strenuous debugging measures have been undertaken in recent weeks: Anti-insect lights have been installed in the National Security Council suite and the lower press office. Staff members have been issued fly swatters, and one, Brian Mosteller, stood at the ready during Mr. Obama’s television interviews on Tuesday (a lot of good he did). Some staff members have requested chemical intervention but have been denied.

It’s not clear why there has been so much buzz in the Obama White House.

RedeemedHippie:[Hmmm, could it be that the Lord of the flies resides there?!]