What China saw before the great earthquake

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This is what was seen over China before the great earthquake last year. It makes me think, as the people were watching this beautiful event going on in the skies; none of them had a clue what was about to hit them. The music plays in the back ground lulling them into a trance like state.

I don’t know what the skies were about that day. But, I do know that Satan comes as an angel of light. I am NOT saying he was behind these clouds. I do not know. None of us know. What is disturbing is that they were so focused upon the sky and then sudden destruction came.

Please do not think I fault them in any way. I do not. Why wouldn’t any of us if we saw something so strange and beautiful to behold, not gaze at it?

Just know that when anti-christ comes, he will appear as an angel of light. He will appear to be something to behold.

What do you see in the clouds?


Valano72 from youtube shot some very interesting footage of cloud formations.

Remember this the next time you hear the apostates begin talking about the “atmosphere” and “calling down angels.” Ask yourself, if what they do is not in the Word of God, then who and what is being called down.

Also, if anyone has any idea what kind of catagory I can put this in, I would like to hear it. As of now, it goes in “Hodge Podge.” But I find it more deserving than that.