Why do we not go with our instincts when something gives us a red light on something or someone? Why do we feel the need to have to prove we trust someone–even when the Holy Spirit may be telling us, “No”? Such as happened to me a few days ago.
A young woman came and knocked on my door selling magazine subscriptions. The first thing I asked her if she was affiliated with Acorn, politics or some church (cult). She assured me no. I really was not interested in buying any magazines but I began to feel driven to at least listen to her. So I listened to her as she worked her charm on me. She was good. She was trained very well asking questions: “Wow, how long have you lived here? How many kids do you have? Lived here all your life? Your flowers are very pretty.”
Now, I know when you are trying to sell anything you have to develop Public Relation skills. But this young woman was way over the top. I sensed something was not right, yet, I still listened to her and answered all her questions. I heard another voice speak to me: Be careful. But I didn’t listen. Instead I wanted this complete stranger to feel I trusted her! Unbelievably stupid!
Something was telling me to go online and check the company out. But I didn’t. I didn’t want to appear paranoid. Besides, what kind of person are you if you can not trust your fellow man????

I ended up inviting her in and gave her a bottle of grape juice. She sat down and told me more about the company and how it would really help her out if I just ordered these magazines. Plus on the order form there was a phone number I could call if I had any questions. Not to worry, I thought. Yet, the uneasiness would not go away. I shrugged it off because it was so important to me that this woman left my home feeling like I trusted her. How stupid is THAT?!

I looked and looked and finally I found two magazines that interested me. Seventy five bucks worth. I wrote her a check and she went on her way.

Immediately something told me to go online and check the company out. I did and BAM, there it was right in front of me…one big scam. One article said the company nearly got 70,000 bucks from somebody!

I was both fearful and so angry at myself I could have given myself a swift kick in the britches! I called my husband right away and told him what happened. We ran to the bank, stopped payment on the check and almost ended up closing our account down. Thankfully, my husband is smarter than I am on that kind of thing and he managed to fix it.

So my question is: Why o why do we crave the acceptance of a mere stranger? Why is it so important to have them like us at any cost? Better yet, how could I have been so STUPID to let someone whom I had just met, suck me into a scam?

Some of us go online, desiring friendships so badly, that we reach out to anyone who shows us the least bit of concern or appearance of friendship. We begin to trust faceless and voiceless people.

It’s human nature. Everyone wants to be liked, loved and accepted. But at what cost?

Many people have been hurt by trusting that faceless voiceless person behind their computer screen. Some have even lost their lives doing it. So why do we take that chance?

I think I know. Some of us grew up in a time where you did not have to keep your front door locked during the day. We trusted that person back then coming around selling candles, greeting cards or any other commodity. But that was a different time.

We want to believe the best in others. We truly do. But why? Well, it can only be because we want something in return. What could it be? It could only be; acceptance.

We desire to be accepted. We desire to belong. We desire to be loved and we desire to have intimate relationships with people we want to call “friend.”

We want to appear as someone others can trust so we find ourselves being the one to trust first. We do not want to appear as someone who is “paranoid.” Because well, gee, that’s just not nice. SHOCK, it is OK not to trust. It is OK to take forever to test and trust something.

If we find ourselves obsessed with anyone, needing their approval or acceptance, it is lust. It is idolatry. It is sin.

So why do we go after the acceptance of strange gods? Why lust for another’s acceptance, when we have Jesus? Is HE not more than enough?

The Word of God says, “We are accepted in the Beloved.” I remember the very first time I got that down deep in me. Nothing was going to take it away! Every now and then I can hear the enemy of my soul, “You have to get that person to like you. You have to trust them.”

No, I don’t have to do any such thing. That voice is a liar and a devil. I’ve learned that though I may at times need human fellowship, it is more than ok if God has not yet placed others in my life. Jesus is more than enough. I’ve learned it is ok to not trust right away. There is One who I can trust always. I’ve learned not to put others on a pedestal. Not only is it idolatry on my part, but it is and injustice to them. It is not fair to others to set them up highly. It may cause them to sin. No one and I mean no one is infallible. There is only One who is.

We are in a time of great delusions coming upon the earth. We must be vigilant. We must be wise. We must use our brain and have discernment. The Lord would have us to know: We are accepted in the Beloved, precious Bride of Christ. We are accepted in the One who loves our soul! Jesus desires us to know HIM intimately above and before all others. Especially, do not look for acceptance from anyone online. Think about it. It is just someone you can not see or hear. Unless God makes it in to something more, in His time and in His way, it is nothing more. You do not have to prove anything to anyone. Do not look for approval from any man or woman. You are already accepted in the Beloved and His love will NEVER fail you!