NOT A Conspiracy! GOVERNMENT will decide who gets health care!


Anton Chakin speaks about what Obama’s healthcare will be like. No help for the elderly and just kill the undesirables!

This actually began years ago when they started teaching values clarification to students. now it is here and about to be put in practice.

Please watch it to the end. I have transcribed some of it but not all of it. If possible, get this to others. Let people know this is what Obama, an anti-christ, healthcare agenda is all about. We need to do it now. Our lives, the lives of the elderly, the lives of many will be sacrificied under this new healthcare. Do not think it can not happen to you too. America wake up!

“President Obama has put in place a reformed apparatus reviving the euthanasia of Hitler Germany of 1939 that began the genocide there. The apparatus here is to deny medical to elderly, chronically ill and poor people. and thus save as the president says, two to three trillion dollars by taking lives considered not worthy to be lived as the Nazi doctors said.”

Doctor Emmanuel wrote last October 12th that a crisis war and financial collapse would get the frightened public to accept the program. Hitler told Dr. Brandt in 1935 that the euthanasia program would have to wait until the war began to get the public to go along. Dr. Emmanuel wrote last year that the hypocritical oath should be junked…German eugenics said exactly the same thing, to start the killing.”

So does this mean this government is capable of creating a crisis to bring about their evil and wicked agenda? YES! You better believe it does. We have to tell people now. We have to let people know before at some point they begin to shut down all communications and free speech.

Be watchful and test ALL things in the months to come!


Conspiracy or not? Is government preparing mandatory vaccines that will cause death?

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Is the government preparing mandatory vaccines that is meant to cause death?

I do not like spreading things that are not true and I hate sensationalism. So, I don’t know if this story is true or not. I am handling it over to you just in case it is. I’m asking you if you decide, to watch the video, please go to the link provided and read the article and feel free to tell me what you discern.

Does anyone know anything about the Natural site?

We must continue to test all things and do NOT, I repeat, do not put all your eggs in one basket trusting any news network. None of them are completely honest with us and even if they were they would be much too afraid to tell us the real truth of things going on. We have to learn to discern starting NOW! That is not meant to be a fear thing I threw on you, church. It is a warning for all of us. We take too many things for granted. Like we will always be told the truth. That is not so. Wickedness in high places is government.

Part Two:

The king of pop has bowed his knee to the King of Kings


The King of Pop Bows before the King of Kings
Michael Jackson, a musical icon to many has died. He lived a life of extreme popularity, devotion from many, achieving great wealth and success in this lifetime. He was a man both sad and confused. Saddened by the way God made him, he spent years trying to create himself in his image instead of accepting himself in the image God created him to be. Disfiguring his face trying to get the perfect look he had wanted, eventually and sadly turned him into a freak. God did not do this to Michael Jackson.

I believe he was a musical genius. He was able to create a certain sound and rhythm that few, if any, have been able to create. Many times I have wondered where that “gift” or “sound” came from.Yes, Michael Jackson was loved by many. But did he love God? And if so, which god? Was it Jesus, the only begotten Son of God or was it another? If another–it is the god of this world. The god of wealth. The god of fame. The god of needing to find acceptance anywhere but with the one true God. His wealth, fame, talent and fans can not help him now.

He came up with dance moves that was the envy of many. And only he could do them that certain Michael Jackson way that had thousands of us captivated at one time or another. He once said that the music moved him. As if something would come upon him and possess him. He was right, something did move him and possess him. But it was not the Holy Spirit. How do I know? Because the Word of God says when the Holy Spirit comes it will bear witness of Jesus.

Before anyone attacks me for touching what may be an idol to many, I ask you WHY you would begin to think it was the Holy Spirit? When Michael danced, did he make you want to love Jesus? Did he make you think on things eternal? Did he make you want to turn from sin? Did he make you want to worship God? You know he didn’t. You, like I, were captivated by his style, his talent, his “gift.” I believe it is safe to say there will never be another Michael Jackson.

I’ve seen videos of Michael Jackson from all across the world. I’ve seen the fans. Weeping fans. Screaming fans. Fainting fans. Worshipping fans. It was the same spirit at work with the Beatles and with Elvis. And yet, as I myself sat and watched, I too, could feel that pull of making mere man more than what he is. All because he had a talent and was able to touch something in me.

He was known for his generosity just like Elvis, before him. As honorable as that is, let us not lose sight of the fact that he was also known as a homosexual and a predator of little boys. Whether we like it or not, God calls it sin.

Someone said he would be “forever immortalized.” No, no he won’t. There is only One who will be forever immortalized. That is Jesus Christ. All things will pass away. The only thing that will remain will be the things of God.

“And they shall bring the glory and the honor of the nations into it. But there shall by no means enter it anything that defiles, or causes an abomination or a lie, but only those who are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.” Revelation 21: 27

I, like many in my generation grew up with Michael Jackson and remember the little boy who was able to grasp the attention of the world with his talents, passion and abilites. How many of us sang his songs or danced to his music? I know I did. But that was long ago, and life brings many changes. 

I get absolutely no pleasure in saying this: If Michael Jackson’s name was not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, he is in hell burning right now.

Just like other kings and queens before him; Elvis the king of rock and Janis the queen of rock–Michael Jackson the King of Pop has bowed his knee to the King of Kings.