Request for Prayer


I have to have a heart cath done Monday morning. I am not thrilled about it at all. But it is something that has to be done. I really do not know what the use is, because five years ago, I had one done and the blockages were of such that they could not put in a stint or do anything else. I suspect there are more blockages and can only pray God heals me, helps man fix it or help me learn to live with this condition in a way that is both productive and glorifying to Him.  

It could be medicene will help, I don’t know. 

In any case, I am asking you to lift me up before our Father in heaven. Thank you and may the Lord watch between you and me.



I know God’s people are called a peculair people, but…


Video is below this article.

There were so many titles that came to mind on this article:

“This is why we need to preach repentence.”

“What kind of spirit is this?”

“If you want to advertise your ministry then just video a deliverance session and every body in media will come after you.”

But, I decided to go with: “I know God’s people are called a peculair people, but…”

Something is not quite right with this.  I truly am trying to discern. 

I do not question ths woman’s sincerity at all. But what do we do with it? Is it ok to video a deliverance session? I would not think so. Why would anyone want to? What is the purpose? I mean come on, let’s get real–can any of us see Jesus telling His disciples, “Ok, boys, come set that camera up over here before I get started. We want to make sure we get all this on it.”

They cry out to a young man laying on the floor. “We burn you in the name of Jesus.”

We “burn” you?

“You wanna clean spirit.”

Who is she asking that? The man or a demon?

They believe in the power of the Holy Spirit.

They worship.

“We call people up to the altar that want to be delivered from any spirit that causes them them not to be able to function.”

Sometimes a good old dose of repentence will get a person going in the right direction.

They were worshipping the Lord and “all of a sudden he hit the floor.”

If and when this happens, it needs to be tested. Just because someone “hits the floor” does not mean they need deliverance. Perhaps they have a medical reason. Perhaps they are seeking attention. In either case, it needs to be addressed appropriately. Look at all the attention something like this begins to take away from worshipping God.

“First off he came into our church and once again I do not want to exploit him…” 

If you do not want to exploit others, you do not take videos of people rolling around on the floor, you do not make videos of them when they are coming to you for help.

“He’s a very religious young man, very spiritual, very powerful. and he said he did not want to live this way. I just want to tell the world out here that Manifested Glory Ministries is not against homosexuality. We do not hate them. We do not come up against them. We just do not believe in their lifestyle. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit.”

They are against homosexuality if they follow the Word of God. Christians have gotten where they can not even say if they are against something lest it be called “hate speech.” Well, I am against homosexuality. I certainly am not for it. It does not make me a hater of people just because I am against something they do.  The church needs to man up and stop being afraid of saying they are against something.

I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit too. I’ve had people pray over me every which way over the years. There were those who shouted and screamed rebuking anything and everything that came to their mind. I remember thinking, “Dag, if I don’t have any demons now, I will by the time they are through!” All the shouting and harsh rebuking just made me want to crawl up in a shell and become almost comotose.

On the other hand; there were those who with a hand on my back and with just a word, were able by the true spirit of God break a lie off of me.

It is the annointing that breaks the yoke. Not screaming, not intense  theatrical prayer, not any personality, not repetion of the same song over and over; not any of those things. It is the annointing (truth) of God that breaks yokes (chains–lies) and sometimes it comes quickly and we have but a moment to choose to grasp it. The moment we do (accpet truth) , we are set free. That is the annointing of God. 

The newscaster asks if the young man could have been a member of their church, being a homosexual.

She says, “You can come in our church, but you can not live that lifestyle in our church.”

Nothing wrong with that, I suppose. But let’s not be hypocritical, the same plumb line should go to alcoholics, fornicators, adulterers, liars, gossipers, gluttons, cheats, etc. But how do they determine who is and who is not a homosexual? What do they do? Do they approach people and ask them if they are homosexual? If so, that is wrong. God is a gentleman and if it is His desire that all men come to Him, (and it is), and if your desire to know Him, He will not make you a spectacle. That’s just my opinion anyway.

Her attitude is so authoritarian. I wonder how many within the church deal with secret sin. Do they go after those members as well? Those who are having affairs, fornicating, gluttony– just to name a few?

The newscaster says they would not be living that lifestyle when they come into that church. I suppose he means not committing acts of homosexuality right there in church.

“When you come in you can get delievered by the power of the Holy Spirit…We welcome all…we do not like their lifestyle…but when they come in they have to get delivered.”

Does this mean, if you want to go their church, you better submit to them  laying hands on you while they video your deliverance? If so, I would never go to their church.  God does not force Himself on anyone.

He asks how she knows the young man changed.

She tells him because his lifestyle has changed and “I just want to tell everybody that everything carries a spirit. Not just the homosexual spirit, you have the alcohol spirit, you have the crack-cocaine spirit, you have the adultery spirit, everything carries a spirit. It can be a good spirit. It could be a bad spirit.”

She goes on to say that all the publicity bothers the young man. I do not want to sound saracastic by any means, but do ya think?!

She wants to tell everyone, “We are a spiritual church. I am an end time prophet. I declare the Word of the Lord and all I’m doing is the work of the Lord. We’re not coming up against the gay community. We’re not coming against homosexuality.”

There is that self-exaltation. A red light right away.

Newscaster questions her on demons/spirits inhabitating a body.

She tells him everything carries a spirit. Alcohol, crack-cocaine, adultery.

He says, “But you’re associating all those things as being negative, right?… so your judgement is that it’s wrong.”    

No, the thing is I’m a recovering addict, I’m a recovering crackhead and a herion addict and I knew I was under the power of a demonic force.”

She just told him whether she realized it or not, she was not associating those things as wrong. No, the thing is that those things are wrong and they are sin. Whether or not she was this or that has nothing to do with anything. Her experience is not all that valid. What does God say? He calls these things sin.

“If you came into our church you wouldnt see we just cast out demons, we do so many good things in the community. I’m not just a pastor. I’m a CEO. A woman’s program…I do much in the community. I love Gods’ people.

So, we have it. Churches video taping such events only brings reproach to the truth. At least in my opinion. What do you think?