Someone (where’s the love of God?) left me this comment concerning the recent video I put up on Michael Jackson‘s spiritual beliefs:
It’s obvious that the makers of this video have a disdain for Michael Jackson. As a devout Christian, I stand in awe and disbelief that the video shown here goes so far to try to bring evil to the forefront. I agree that MJ’s life was no life of a saint, but for what sins will you be judged for, my friend? I also agree that idolatry of anything or anyone is a sin, but the video makers here had an opportunity to glorify Christ and missed it. Who is going to be drawn to Christ as a result of this video? Some of the context was not even true, exaggeration to make a point in this case borders on lies. How about lifting up the name of Jesus or sending the message of love and hope? This is what the Bible says will draw men to Christ. It is normal for someone to mourn such a great loss, although you may not see it as a great loss. All I ask is that the makers of this video search their hearts to see if there is any underlying hatred.
I am only saying this once as I have no desire to make Michael Jackson the focus of this blog. So I answer to all who may question where my heart is in the matter:
No, it is not obvious that the makers of this video have a disdain for Michael Jackson. What is obvious is your compromise for truth.
I can not help what the truth is. In light of thousands and thousands of people loving MJ, it still does not take away from the fact that his actions proved him a wicked man in spite of his Peter Pan image. Satan turned him into a freak to behold. Such is the way Satan does to one of his own. I nor the video maker, (Who I don’t even know) knew MJ personally. Did you? If you did, perhaps you could tell us if he received Jesus. I know that would cause great joy to many of us.
Even now, it is being reported people are committing suicide over him! And where will they go?! Do you even care?
You asked, “who is going to be drawn to Christ as a result of the video?” I don’t know the answer to that and neither do you. If the video can keep just one person from following MJ as some kind of idol to behold then it is worth it. If it can cause one to begin searching out for the one true King and One true Lord, then it is worth it.

What kind of gospel as a devout Christian do you preach? One of that God loves everyone and sends no one to hell? One of not offending people, or else you hurt their feelings and they may not want to follow your God? Truth offends. Count the cost. Pick up your cross.

You said some of the content was not even true? I would have to ask what and how do you know? There is more than enough evidence to point that it is true. His life was not one of being that pointed others to Jesus and to the truth, yet you accuse me. Now there is awe and disbelief on my part, that you confess to stand for the side of truth, yet when it is presented, you rise up like some devout Christian, defending the ungodly and their ungodly ways.

Let’s look at what IS true. God knows I don’t even want to mention this because it is so disgusting (and I want this site to be G rated–so I get it out of the way NOW) but how about his perverse acts of grabbing his crotch in some vulgar act in his dance routines? How many little boy and girls do you think imitate that? Or taking little boys home with him and sleeping in the same bed. Paying off the parents. Changing the words of scripture and having thousands singing it as some kind of mantra–“When Jesus turned stone into bread.” His lie, “We all are a part of God’s great big family.” No, the Word of God tells us there are children of light and children of darkness. We all do NOT have the same father.

Instead of your awe and disbelief being in the video drawing evil to the forefront as you say, your awe and disbelief ought to be lined up with the lack of truth you have in your beliefs and convictions.

I know there are many who loved him. I know what grief is. I take no one’s sorrow lightly and am no stranger to it. If Michael Jackson did not repent before his last breath and if he could speak right now from the dead, he would be crying out from the bowels of hell for those who loved him, to repent. If that’s a little more than you can take, then don’t blame me. It is the truth.

You call yourself a devout Christian. Good for you. I’m glad you see yourself that way. Now maybe you might want to get some nerve and stop being afraid of having the mindset of offending others with the truth of the gospel. Because that is exactly what is when you challenge people like myself instead of bringing evil to the forefront at times in order to warn people. We are called to test all things. We are called to know our enemy. We are called to be lights set upon a hill. Sometimes that means shining so brightly that evil will be exposed.

You accuse the maker of the video of hatred and I suppose you accuse me of the same thing. But let me ask you; did you lay in bed the night of MJ’s death, wondering where he was? Wondering if anyone had been able to present the truth to him in the final days of his life? Did you lie awake knowing you could not pray for him — that it was too late for him now? Did you toss and turn because someone you never met might be in hell and if there just had been some kind of way, you would have told him the good news? Did you even shed a tear for one who Satan used greatly in this lifetime? Did you let your mind go through time and see how MJ developed over the years? How he started out as a small boy with an innocent child-like desire to sing and dance. How the enemy of his soul perverted his talents? How many used him and abused him–to the point where he could not find the love he was so desperately searching for? Such is how Satan treats his children and does to those he raises up in this world. Did you think of all the kingdoms of the world Satan gave to MJ and how not one of them could save his soul? Did you think of his great success and fame and see it was all vanity? Did you think of Thriller and how even though it is slightly innocent compared to today’s movies, that if MJ was in hell, there were demons much greater than Thriller tormenting his very soul?

Did you wonder how Jesus–the Redeemer of all mankind– may have felt to lose a soul? Did you wonder how many times Jesus had tried to speak to MJ and MJ may have ignored His pleas to “come unto me?” Did you wonder if Jesus was weeping over MJ? He loved him more than any of his family, friends or fans could have ever loved him in this lifetime. Even in the end the stones were not turned to bread for MJ. Did you dare to even shed a tear over such a one?

If not, then be gone and be silent. For you know nothing of true compassion. Even if you are a devout Christian.

You said, “All I ask is that the makers of this video search their hearts to see if there is any underlying hatred.” Like I said, I do not know the maker of the video, now I ask you to search your heart and see if you are a coward or/and an appeaser.

I do not pick up any hatred from the maker of the video. But it is cowardly and a type of hate and apathy to not believe in warning others of impending doom. It is compromise to try and find common ground with wickedness. It is love that would warn others in spite of being accused from people like you. It is love that would try it’s best to convey the truth as best as possible. If you or anyone else have a problem with the way I present the truth here, then I suggest you open your own blog and go at it.