And people wonder why I get so angry over the hirelings!


People have wondered why I “have to get so mad” over false teachers! Uh, maybe it has something to do with I LOVE the people of God and would never use them to build my own little kingdom by stealing their money through lies and heresies! Unlike the false lying ones who make merchandise of the church and pimp them out for their personal gain!

I have had some accuse me, “well, who are you to talk about someone elses’s ministry? What are YOU doing for the kingdom of God?”

I’ll answer that NOW for anyone who still does not get it. I am no one. I am just someone who loves the truth. There is absolutely nothing special about me in any way, shape or form. I don’t pretend to be some great teacher, prophet or apostle like those who have set themselves up in your midst! The Word of God COMMANDS me to test all things. When I do and see that some in the “ministry” are severly lacking in their doctrine with their greediness, lies and manipulations (which is nothing short of WITCHCRAFT!)  it makes me angry. Get it?! If you don’t like it, then tough, just plain tough!

As a child of the Most High God and as a follower of Jesus, I am offended when a different gospel is being preached for the sake of some phony preacher’s bank account–at the cost of the sheeple who love to have their ears tickled.

What am I doing for God’s kingdom? Exactly what I am doing this very moment. I’m trying to protect God’s people. We are told to expose the fake ones. Yet, there are some out there who are so timid and cowardly that if Jesus Himself came and asked them, “do you think so-n-so is preaching my truth?” they would dilly dally around it making excuses for the liars!

“Well gee, Jesus, I don’t want to say. You know me, I don’t want to say anything bad about anyone. You wouldn’t like that would you, Jesus, after all my own minsitry might have some issues. Don’t make me choose Jesus, because well, so many people would get mad at me and I would lose friends and half my congregation would get up and leave. Besides that, everyone who is anyone is following so-n-so.”

THAT is EXACTLY what happens when you yourself do not warn others. And some of you know it.

Another fake pastor/shepherd at work: Steven Furtick

He offers a one time special “impartation.” His witchcraft is as follows:

“You need to act fast on this.  We’re only going to offer it once.  And it’s only for the first 20 people.”

“Today and today only 20 of you can sign up for our Impart Event For half price.
I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

RedeemedHippie:[I can’t believe you are doing it either! Especially for 700 bucks a pop! Beware Bride of Christ of anyone (including me) or anything that makes you feel driven. The Word says to be led forth in peace. The Word says, Acknowledge the Lord in all of your ways and He will make your path straight. Man would want your money at any cost. Do you have  family to feed? Bills to pay? God knows these things. He expects you to take care of your family before you would fork over hundreds of bucks to a fake teacher.]

It’s a very expensive and exclusive event.

RedeemedHippie:[WOW. So does that mean if I come I will get to be SOMEBODY important or something? IMAGINE the disciples doing something like this! If you have the least bit of discernment you will not be able to. And if you can make any excuse for it, then you are more than deceived.]

“It’s worth every penny.  But some of you can’t afford the full rate.  So you’re sitting around making excuses instead of figuring out how to make it happen.”

RedeemedHippie:[Shame on you people for just sitting around and making excuses for not being able to aford 700 bucks to go hear such a pompous pathetic excuse for a preacher speak! Get off you butts and MAKE IT HAPPEN. After all, it is ONLY 700 bucks!]

“Today I’m rewarding those of you who are decisive enough to pull the trigger and commit to coming…if you’re one of the next 20 to sign up.  Consider it the early-early bird rate.”

RedeemedHippie:[He will reward you?! Oh how nice of him! How condescending! Yes, pull that trigger and blow part of your bank account right out the door! I say if you’re one of the first 20 to sign up, you are one of the biggest suckers I have ever seen! You deserve to be taken.]

“First 20 to respond get the deal.   After that the offer is dead.  No exceptions.”

RedeemedHippie:[Yeah right, like I believe that.]

Hurry. You might be too late already.

Redeemedhippie:[Let us hope so. For the sake of those who need to pay their bills and feed their family.]

“Impart is not designed to just inspire or simply inform. Impart is a 1-day event we have created to impart to all church planters and leaders everything we’ve learned in our short history at Elevation Church.”

Redeemedhippie:[If it is so great then why not give it away? I tell you why? Because there is no truth in you. And what little there is, you use it for your gain! You use it to teach others how to fleece the flock!]

“It’s not a typical conference. No frills, no screens, no lights, no music. This is it – one day, one microphone, and three sessions with one of the nation’s top church leaders.”

Redeemedhippie:[No frills or anything? Well heck, I was expecting a little more bang for my buck. Not even any music? No fancy lights? Gee, I feel cheated. Oh, but wait. Didn’t it say I would be having sessions with one of the nation’s top church leaders? Wheww, I feel better now. NOT! Was it Paul who said, “those who appear to be something mean nothing to me”? The arrogance of these people amaze me, and you know what, church? It is going to get worse as the delusions come more and more.]

You don’t want to miss Pastor Steven Furtick as he gives a behind the scenes look at what has enabled Elevation Church to grow to over 5,000 people in weekly attendance in just over 3 years.

Redeemedhippie:[Yes, I can’t imagine the witchcraft that must have taken place in order for him to even think he is worth 700 bucks!]

“The concept is simple.”

RedeemedHippie:[Yes, very simple: give us your money and we will make you believe a lie you are getting something for a few hundred bucks.]

“This is an exclusive (and therefore expensive) event for a limited amount of people. We had a tremendous amount of success with our THR3E event so we decided to bring it back with a little more flavor.”

RedeemedHippie:[Uh, more flavor and yet no music or fancy lights or anything? BORING. BIG FAT YAWN.]

We will have time for all participants to meet our staff along with structured Q and A. We will also be providing all participants with a jumpdrive full of all of our operational documents. This alone is worth the trip.

Join us on October 27th in Charlotte, NC for Impart. Registration is very limited so don’t wait to sign up.

Early Bird Pricing: Through July 31st


Standard Pricing: After July 31st


The Truth Divides


Our brother, ProclaimHisWord, gives us this. Thank you brother for speaking truth!

Thank you Benny Hinn! Thank you!


People know what I have thought about Benny Hinn. I have called him a fake and false for some of his beliefs; for going to the grave of Katheryn Kulman to get an annointing; for operating in what looks like to me kundilini. Yet, I have to be honest here. When I ran across this and listened, I sat and wept and wept. Just to hear SOME ONE in the WOF movement and come out and tell the truth has changed something I me. Oh thank you Jesus! For the very first time I can say I have respect for Benny Hinn. I can’t remember the last time I was blessed so much and God used Benny Hinn! How cool is that! I can’t believe it! I imagine I will be listening to this more than once. Thank you Jesus, thank you!

This conference was in Louisville, Kentucky. I see the pastor there who I emailed before Tod Bentley went to Louisville. I emailed him to warn him on letting Tod Bentley come to his mega church. But I got no response. Instead I am sure I was seen as one who is “religious” or not spirit filled. This pastor is hanging his head low on the stage here. I see another pastor who spiritually abused me through one of his charasmatic services.

I hope and pray that the words Benny Hinn said that night penetrate their hearts and will give them true discernment for the coming greater delusions.

Father, bless Benny Hinn and wherever there may be darkness or falseness in his life or ministry, shed your light and help him to come to the light. Raise him up to be a real truth speaker in the endtimes. One with no compromise and one who will not make merchandise of your people. Cause him and the rest of those men on that stage to be true shepherds with the flock you have entrusted them with. Make them honest men of God who will never again compromise the word of God and put experiences and lying heretical teachings of men over your Word. Give them all such a love for truth they will test everything that comes their way from now on.

part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

I do have a problem when he says Katheryn Kulman never said something that was not true. I think she may have missed the mark at times. I still don’t agree with everything on here, but the fact that he stood out against a false revival and Tod Bentley is a start that maybe, just maybe he will get on the right track about everything else.

Part 5

Part 6

Coming soon to us?


We have been slowly conditioned to receive the mark over the past few decades. Think about it … we went from cassette tapes to CDs.’ Video movies to DVDs. Cell phones, blackberries, electronic cameras, computers, the list goes on and on.

One of the latest is the GPS thinky they put in new cars or you can purchase it yourself. If you get lost or whatever, it will tell you how to get where you are going. Personally, I wouldn’t have one.

The video pretty much explains where I believe we are going. Especially now with a governement who would love a crisis so they can move in and take complete control of our lives. Think I’m just “paranoid?” Then WAKE UP!

This video was made in Feb. 2008. But we are much closer to it than we were then. At least then, we did not have a government who wanted to set themselves up as gods in our midst and control our every move or belief!

You MUST resist this, that is unless you want government to be your god.

Anythingbox from youtube gives us the following:

Patricia King Exposed

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I do not hate patricia King. However, I hate what she is teaching and endorsing within the church. The following video exposes her new age beliefs. Even more so; occult and witchcraft.

I had not heard of PK until back in the spring of 2008. A friend of mine saw her online and said, “Years ago, she used to be on late at night. She was a psychic or something.” This was before PK came to the Lord. I say came to the Lord lightly. As PK has not fully repented for her witchcraft. She still practices it under the guise of christianity. Just as I had to repent for my witchcraft and occult practices, so must she.

Does she know she still practices witchcraft? Who knows? I believe when you do not fully repent of something, when there is still a part of you that loves your sin or trusts in it, then you have not been fully delivered.

From my own occult background, I have to believe that PK is aware of what she is doing and is trying to christianize it.

Either cheap parlor tricks or demonic power is behind the manifestations that supposingly take place in her meetings.

This video takes you to the many roots of her teachings. As far back as Alister Crowely. Video from godsplumbline gives us the following video:

Patricia, if you happen to see this, I do not hate you. I know you teach people like me are “religious.” But you have created your very own religion by mixing New Age/Witchcraft in with Christianity. Repent lest you will be bound and burned witht he tares.

Patricia King: Estacias Worship


This type of witchey New-Age “worship” is meant for you to become numb and mindless. Which will get you to accept anything they tell you after your mind has been put in a musically induced drugged condition. Nowhere in the Word of God are we told to empty our minds and become one with everything us around us. This is religious eastern beliefs. It is wrong. If you see this coming to your church, either speak up or/and flee!

PK tells us that Caleb–the DJ– works in a “Breaker level annointing.” Hmmm, I don’t remember reading that in my Bible anywhere. Oh but wait, these are the new apostles and prophets that are getting new revelations for us all to follow. Silly me, what do I know? I only trust in the Word and not in experiences.

The DJ says, “No longer do you have to study the Word.” Need I say more?

I’ve got one thing to say to these adult apostates that are drawing the younger generation to lies and delusions: It is better that a millstone was hung around your neck and you were thrown inot the sea for offending (lying and deceiving) one of these little ones!

Joe Biden and Micro-chips

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Joe Biden tell justice Chief Roberts he WILL have to rule on micro-chips and brain scans for criminal behavior at some point.

Big brother keeps getting bigger and bigger. The “mark” is not that far off. The technology is here. What is stopping it? Remember, they will need a huge crisis to implement it. You will not be able to buy or sell OR get your healthcare.

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