This is what a lying witch woman looks like. The wicked witch of the west can stand up and talk her blue streak but there are a lot of us out here who sees through her. She lies when she says the American support them! Vile wicked deceitful lying woman she is! No, you witch, you do NOT have the support of the American people! Only the support of those you have been able to decive and lead astray for your own lust for power. Tell us, will you have the same “affordable health care” we citizens will have? I think not. For you sit as a queen! One who looks down your nose at us like we are to be your subjects. Like peasants only good for one thing–to keep you in power through the ignorance of your constiguents. All the healthcare in the world could not cure me or anyone else who sees through you, from the stinking rotten putred festering disease your lies spread!

Do you not know that liars will not enter heaven! One day, one day, you WILL bow your knee before a Holy God and answer for the many lies you tell.