So, if KC’s “prophecies” do not come true, does it make him a false prophet or did he just miss the mark? Guess what? A REAL prophet does not get to miss the mark. A real prophet who prophysied falsely would have been stoned in the old testament. Even though we do not stone anyone these days, are we to believe that God’s standards are any less? I think not.

Why is this man so cryptic with his “prophecies?” I’ve held seances in my past that weren’t near as creepy as his theatrics!

Let’s look at what he says at the beginning.

Year is 2007, with the spooky music that would work well for any occult gathering in the background. We hear, “America, get ready for your time of rest from your enemies for a season. Your airports, there is invention that shall come forth in the summer of 2009. That will detect for miles. God says, ‘Do not fear and say this is the anti-christ. It is just technology.’ ”

First off he is not making much sense but this man never does. (The prophecy about the watermelon was a real humdinger) Secondly, watch it people! Men had better be careful to say God says something when God has not said.

WHAT IF technology comes in 2009? WHAT if something appears to be anti-christ to those of us with discernment? Are we to follow this FALSE prophet?

If Kim Clement is a liar, and I believe he is, then he has just told you not to use your brain should something come upon the earth that appears anti-christ to you. I will take my chances with the very opposite of what this man says, thank you very much!

He says God is demanding the people to make a joyful noise in the presence or the Lord. The Lord is NOT in this if KC is false! Don’t you get it! God is NOT in it where lies and deceptions are being taught. Especially in the occult. Kim Clement has occult written all over his ministry.

He goes on to manipulate (witchcraft) his audience by saying do not eat the things of Satan “but listen to the Word of the Lord and eat it tonight.” Meaning swallow everything KC is saying.

He says the news media will change their mind. On what? They’re gonna all of a sudden become truth speakers? Nope. Not seen that one yet. They still are as vile and corrupt as they always were. Uh wait, when was this suppose to happen? 2008. Ah, well, right there makes him a false prophet!

On faith, he says God says: “In this building I have departed it (faith)…You’ve walked in this place with unclean lips but now you are purified….”

Wow, just go to a meeting and you can be clean. Nothing about repentence.

God IMPARTS faith in a building?! This leads one to believe hey just hang around KC or go to one of his meetings and BAM you can have faith becaue God just thinks so much of KC that he fills up buildings. NO! The Word says, “Faith comes by hearing the Word.”

He tells of all the miracles that are going to happen. (The music builds up to get people to believe) I wonder how many of them still have jobs or bills to pay, how many of them still have sick loved ones in the hospital.

He prophesies “Celebration on the street of Jerusalem.” Did we miss that one? Seems to me Israel has been too busy just trying to defend themselves!

Now, I find the next very creepy. If it is not God speaking, then who is it? Think about it. Think about what he is saying:

“Out of the caves, you come. Out of the dens, you are commanded to come. Out of the furnace, come.”

Ok, I can’t but help see images of vile little creatures being called out of the darkness to do dark evil deceitful things. 

KC begins to look oh so important here. Such a Moses or mediator of some kind! JESUS is the Mediator. KC has set himself up as some great one in their midst, some great annointed mediator.

“Come for the spirit of god has said enough is enough…fear and intimidation have received a severe blow and God says the Prophet (KC?) holds by the neck and strangles the force of witchcraft, intimidation. I choke you. You have no power over this house, over these people, over this nation (the music builds) over our families. You are doomed for failure says the Lord. Come on!” 

Occult is ALL OVER this man. You may follow him if you wish. But I warn you, there is occult and witchcraft in his midst.