I know a lot of us have already seen most of these things over the past few years. So this is nothing new to us, but I put it here to help prepare the true Bride of the signs and wonders that Satan will bring as he pretends to be Jesus.

Think about this: Why would God, the Creator of all things have to resort to gold teeth? Why not the real thing? That is because these are lying signs and wonders.

You want to follow delusions? God will let you as long as you do not have a love for the truth.

“Isn’t this just like God?!” says Tod Bentley.

No, actually it is more like Satan because Satan can only imitate. He could NEVER make a real tooth. Only fake, IF this is even true to begin with! Which I have my doubts because Tod Bentley was and is one of the biggest fakes ever! If he had any “power” working on his behalf, it was not the Holy Spirit but Satan.

Shouts of “Oh my God!” and “Holy crap!” This ought to be enough to show you the real spirit behind this.