“MANDATORY counselling session that will tell the elderly how to end their life sooner. How to decline nutrition, how to decline being hydrated.”

A child with Cerebral Palsey means nothing to these beasts! And those elderly with dementia can expect little care! I just buried one sweet aunt with Altzimers and have another one with it in the nursing home. Do you think for one minute they are not worth something to me?! HOW DARE this administration to force us to accept their morals! HOW DARE THEM! How dare them to set themselves up as gods in our midst saying who is to live and who is to die!

The elderly will be required to do what is in society’s best interest.

Ask yourselves if you think those dinosaurs in congress will have the same health care! Ask yourselves if Obama, his wife and his two little girls will have the same healthcare! WAKE UP AMERICA!

Do you actually think this administration gives a royal rip about us?! Some of you can keep hating President Bush and blaming him for everything but guess what????? He NEVER once wanted to kill your old mother or old father for the “greater good.” If YOU don’t stand up for your parents, their blood will be on your hands. Who else on earth is going to love them the way you do? Obama?! You got to be kidding me!

The time has come—who are you going to serve? Government or God? CHOOSE NOW lest some day it could be YOU sitting in a nursing home being made to die for the greater good!

Choose this day whom you will serve. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord! (LIFE)

If this nation does NOT stand up against this abomination we get what we deserve. Do not be so naive to think a Holy God will not judge this nation!

Lord bring down the wicked!